Friday, September 14, 2007

Crescendolls tonight with Club Lyfestile

Club Lyfestile is for sure next level or at least a whole different level. I'm not sure who is better though. Casi G thinks Dancetron Infinity might have the leg up. Either way check Club Lyfestile live performance at 11:30 after throwing back as many PBR's and vitamin water and vodkas until 11 at Level (21st and Market) for Crescendolls. Yes the same Level that Game Over was at. The owner was looking for a different type of crowd. Ian and Jhn spinning all night.


Casi G said...

On some other shit I totally bet Jamie was at this show. That could have been two worlds colliding into something I would not be happy about.

Fluffy said...

dude crescendolls are philly? awesome..