Friday, September 07, 2007

What It Do: September 07 First Friday

Its First Friday. Its September. Yeah, you might be back in class which sucks. Party it up this weekend cause in a few months you'll feel bad when you have to cram and instead go out and party.

  • First friday and all the fun that it brings. Ya know the usuals.
    • Don't forget to Stop by Topstitch (311 Market) for deals and such
  • Holland Boys, S. Prcss, Lions of Judah - deep Sleep 8 - 10
  • Sneaker Auction at Made to Order (817 N 2nd)
  • Its the Motherfucking Rub at Fluid $5 on the List.
    • You might want to get there now cause the list is already over 400 people and 400 people are not fitting into Fluid at one time.
  • You know what it is White Tees White Belts - $10 with free beer til late night, 1516 Parrish
  • Footaball season starts. Could. The. Eagles. Go. All. The. Way?
  • Sundae party at Bubble House. 34th and Sansom.

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