Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Secret Service Confiscates Art Installation

Be careful who you add on MySpace as the proprietors of Bobo's art gallery in South Philadelphia found out.
The window... complete with one-sided photocopies of dollars in numerous denominations. One afternoon the window drew an inquiry from a gentleman who "wished to purchase the piece", the proprietors of Bobo's thought this was odd but made an appointment with the gentleman anyways.
On the appointed day the gentleman was back with no less then eight other gentlemen, members of the secret service, who told Drew, Nick, and Phil to put their hands in the air. The secret service men came bearing files, thick with photocopies from each of the artist's myspace pages. The window display was confiscated.

The rest of the gallery is still intact so be sure to check Bobo's out at 1134 South 9th Street.

Full Story at AitAoMR

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