Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lilo and Stich like whoa

Yo so this picture isn't actually from the show in Philly but I wanted to post a picture of Switch and Diplo together. But the show was off the chain last night at the studio spot that Diplo just bought. Shit was massive fun with all types of craziness and the who’s who of what ever you wanna call this shit was hanging out. Big shouts to Blaqstarr, Spank Rock, Cullen Stalin, Jawntronix, DSJ, Allison (happy B-Day), Abby, Sarah, TJ, Kitty Kat, ReJayJay, Primeminster Paper Bag, Young C Young, I think that dude Frogman from TTL was there, Catchdini, Sarah, that dude from the Consultants, James James, Agnew, Doc$Beats, re myn der, That Kid Bo, Tommy Ups the Party plus 1, The Get it in Girls (Calley, Jess, Emil's Girlfriend) [can we go to more really sweaty bars where you guys have to take your clothes off and drink 40's in the future $) holla], the simplest of flys jayster, Mr. Dave P, Ribbity Rabit, that girl who was hanging out in Tom's oversized muscle shirt with the American flag thong, the Broadzilla DJ who has a similar name to me, and of course to the man of the night DJ SEGA.

So basically the venue was a fucking sweat box. As soon as you walked in it was just heat and you were dripping with sweat. I hope my ten bucks went towards buying that spot an air conditioner. I got there right before DJ Sega got on and this dude absolutely destroyed the dance floor with lots of original productions and just really slammin songs. His transitions where so solid I just loved yellin the lil Jon "What" and hearing DSJ on the mic like "Okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" and getting buck. This dude is serious. (Sadly no one was wutanging (until Kitty Kat showed up), so looks like they haven’t learned how from the instructions printed on the inside of the Dwizz record)

Next up was freaking Switch and peoples were just not ready yet for the awesomeness this dude drops. His set was actually a little less aggressive than when I heard him earlier in the year. It was kind of disappointing. He opened with some hip hop stuff then into some og productions, then into some MIA joints, mixing in other UK underground bangers right now. He was jammin that Kissy Sell Out dub that was just super smashing. But I was really looking forward to the thunderous bass lines and extreme jacking that came at the end of his set. I guess he had to tone it down a little since he wasn't really playin to a house crowd. But its always crazy to think that this dude commands like serious 8000 person raves in the UK and is sweating it out in this spot in Philly in the US, so intimate I loved it. He left it ready for Diplo to come up and play a bunch of his own productions and what have yous that really got the crowd bouncing. Dropping lots of cuts from the Hollertronix 12"s, the P-H-I-L-L-Y got a serious nod and stuff from his online catalogue like that Rye Rye joint. By this time the place is so freakin hot I am dancing on the second level by the film projections with my pants down drinking red wine out of a solo cup getting buck. All of my clothes were soaked through and when some one hugged me they got a shirt full of sweat. Actually I bet I looked mad thin I should have tried to holler at some girls. Blaqstarr came on after that but it was 1:00 and I was done as were most of the people in the audience.

As I was walking home I got to CCP and was chaffing so bad that I took off my jeans with my shoes on and walked the rest of the way home in my boxers. When I round the corner to my house their are eight cop cars making all the homeless people leave this park where they all sleep on my block and I kinda bug out. Should I keep walking in my boxers with my jeans over my shoulder half drunk on some dwight yokem like its no big deal in front of all these cops to my front door or should hang back by Phillips and try to wiggle my jeans on with my shoes on and hope the cops don't come over and ask me why the fuck I am not wearing any pants. (shit thankfully I was not wearing my stripper underwear that would have been really bad).

Anyways I was happy as shit to get into bed at 1:17 and slept away any worries I might have had.

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