Thursday, November 16, 2006

Style Wars

Classic piece of graf history: Style Wars. I love graffiti, but I understand why people were so pissed off at the community back then. When the trains are completely saturated with tags upon tags upon tags, things get kind ugly. gotta respect the roots though.

My favorite moment in this document is the press conferance where a new anti-graffiti poster campaign has begun: "Make your mark in society, not on society."
A reporter asks, "Realistically, do you really think this will work?"
Mayor Edward Koch answers, "Well you say realistically, I'm hopeful it will work ... Time will tell."
"Mr. Mayor are those posters graffiti proof?"
"...Time, will tell."

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scruggs said...

That documentary is hot. I'm impressed someone threw the whole thing up on YouTube. Content is great, other than the stodgy narrator's voice when talking about how the elements of hip-hop culture "rock": "the MC rocks with his voice. the bboy rocks with his body. the writer rocks the whole city."