Friday, November 17, 2006


Writers - Part 1 (Subtitles kick in after a few minutes)

Writers - Part 2
Writers - Part 3

Apparently it's graffiti appreciation week. If you open your eyes when you walk around Philly you've no doubt seen Vatoe's handiwork. Not much to look at as a single tag, but even people who hate graffiti have to be impressed, Vatoe is up over the entire city. Next time you're walking pay closer attention to bus stops, newspaper dispensers, poles, telephone booths... does this guy ever sleep? Facinating.

Taking on a life of graffiti writing requires a kind of acknowledgment of the futility and pointlessness of the act; a point that resonates in Style Wars and Bomb the System. I see a lot of energetic people with an incredible passion for something they can't quite put their finger on. I see a lot of lonely people trying to reach each other in the simplest form of communication possible: A single word written on a wall.

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