Friday, November 10, 2006


While at Making Time I ran into an old friend Kev1 that let me know about his latest venture aCIDhAUS. Checking the site, I've seen plenty of people wearing his designs including Dave P and now Justice who absolutely killed it. Casi G was blown away by their opening track, a remix of Black Sabbath. I meanwhile was dancing my ass off throwing glowsticks about when they came near.

Loyal friends, fans, & family: Here is DJ Lord Hastings Chesterfield, III's latest original line of precious silkscreened ACIDHAUS T-shirts -- never-before-seen, limited edition, 100% cotton, 100% guaranteed to elicit stares of bewilderment, curiousity, and psychological disturbance from passersby.
They're obnoxious. They're threatening. They're hypnotic. But above all they were conceived with love.

T-shirts for Flashbacks
Uniforms for Party Train Trackstars
Outfitting for Public Sound Throbs & Primeval Pulse Mobs

These t-shirts can be found:
  • hanging from the racks at Grasshopper boutique (8th & Walnut)
  • covering the torsos of Optimo, DJ Dave P, and DJ Mike Z (Making Time, Sorted).
  • come December, gracing the walls of Cafe Loftus (15th & Sansom)
Pick them up here or get in touch with Kev1 on MySpace if you want them hanging from your exclusive boutique in ...

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Casi G said...

Where can I get that Sabbath tune...I am going to institubes right now and asking for it.