Friday, November 10, 2006

Whats Up With Brick City Club?

Dirty South Joe talked with DJ Tameil out of Brick City aka Newark, NJ in his weekly Whats Up With? column over at the Philadelphia Weekly. Tameil and Tim Dolla have been making Bmore style club music and have branded it Brick City Club.

Our styles are real similar, but the difference with the Baltimore club is they like a lot of horns, while we use harder kicks and chop the samples up a lot more. I’ve got the okay from all of the big dogs in the game.”

On Brick City Club: “Me and Tim Dolla of the Brick Bandits are pretty much the only ones putting out the CDs up here with the Baltimore style. We call our style Brick City Club here in Jersey.”

The product: “We just did a joint release between Unruly and Hollertronix. I did a remix of Kraftwerk’s ‘Trans-Europe Express.’ That’s coming out really soon. Stay tuned for a whole lot more.”
Hit up Tameil on MySpace to pick up one of his mixtapes. DJs join the record pool and pick up 2 CDs every week.

Whats Up With DJ Tameil? at PW

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