Friday, November 10, 2006

What it Do?

Yo, so I'll be on vacation for over 2 weeks in Brazil and Argentina. I plan on picking up lots of new music, taking lots of pictures and not posting until I get back. Hopefully Seg will get back into posting more and I may ask Jay Simplefly or Tommy Up to do some guest posting as well. I might play around with mobile blogging, but we'll see how that goes.

  • Hip Hoppers
  • Hipster Smashdown
    • Click at Fluid with Dave P and Adam Sparkles
      • 25 cent PBR's til 11!!! (THAT'S 4 FOR A DOLLAR!!!), $1.00 PBR FROM 11-12!!! $2.00 Well Drinks til Midnight!!! No Cover all night long!!!
    • Hands & Knees at M Room
      • Open Bar 10 - 11 - Free pbr and vitamin water and vodka
  • Shelltop drops with AJ Ready Right every Friday at 700 Club (700 N. Front Street)
  • Ill Vibe at Khyber Upstairs (56 S. 2nd street)
  • Sundays Were the New Black - Last sunday night party at Walnut Room
    • This is the end of PaperStreet & Simplefly's Sunday night party series at Walnut Room. It's been mad fun and we've had a blast dancing and getting drunk with you every week, but nothing lasts forever. We are just kind of out of superstar DJ's to bring through every Sunday. There's no names left on our superstar DJ rolodex, so whatever. We figured we'd go out with a good one. No guestlist, $5
  • Seclusiasis Radio with Justice - get it at or (more info)

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