Friday, December 15, 2006


My guard comes up whenever I hear the words "Do you like life?" in a musical performance. I start thinking, "What kind of fruity pop am I being fed here?" Then I listen carefully. If in the next few seconds there is any reference to the importance of smiling or any reiteration of the phrase "all you need is love," I walk. Not that those things aren't true to some degree but in practice they tend to fail us miserably. If you're going to write a song with the intention of providing life advice you had better make sure that what you're saying adds up to something more than "smile and get a girlfriend."

Nouveau Riche performed the song "Life Again" at the Troc last night and although the lyrics do include "Do you like life again" they build up to it with this verse:

If the hate makes you feel good
Say it, Think it
If the shot makes you feel good
Take it, Drink it
Got your scotch, your whiskey
Your Rum, your gin
Empty the bottle, Swallow
till you like life again

...meaning it's now my theme song. Also, there are two other verses about the importance of drug use and--if I'm not mistaken--giving oral sex.
Check out Nouveau Riche's special brand of hiphop-infused-whatever.

- Seg

Bonus Notes:
1) People die from overdoing life, and when they do, it's tragic. But people die after a lifetime of boredom and regret too, and which would you rather have in your obituary?
2) Consumerism grants corporations more power and money, however, repressing our urge to acquire the things we desire is to destroy the root of our humanity. So the problem will have to be fixed on their end not ours.
3) The lead singer of Nouveau Riche looks as sexy as she sounds.

Update: I spelled Nouveau Riche wrong. Fuck.

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