Thursday, December 21, 2006

Plastic Little Crambodia Single

Plastic Little just released the Crambodia single record. Its available over at Turntable Lab.
Not only will the instrumental for "Crambodia(1)" help you gear up for the upcoming TTLab-sponsored Plastic Little remix project (shhhh…), but this single version also includes a guest spot from Spank Rock, as well as Ghostface and Amanda Blank, who were included on the album version. The beat is nice anyway, so it doesn't really matter who's on the track… okay, it does matter who's on the track, 'cause if Ghostface cosigns Plastic Little, shouldn't you give 'em a chance too? The man knows what he's talking about. Anyway, in addition to the dirty, clean and instrumental versions for "Crambodia," you also get dirty and clean versions of two album tracks: the dope, Cure-sampling (double shhh…) King Honey remix of "Get Close(2)" and the retro-futuristic space beatage of "Holla Plastique(3)."

TTLab-sponsored Plastic Little remix project??? Will find out more direct from the source. Holla at TTLab, listen to the 3 tracks they posted up and cop that for $7.
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