Friday, December 01, 2006

Plastic Little Video Shoot Tomorrow

Direct from a PaperStreet MySpace bulletin.
Plastic Little has got that new crack and they wanna share it. They are busy shooting their new video and there's thing in it that we in the bizness call a "club scene". I know, it's just some techincal jargon...but I'll explain it to you.
It's a scene which takes place in a club.
Got it?
Wanna be in it?
This Saturday, like tomorrow, be at Medusa at 20th & Chestnut Street at 4pm.

You'll just be an extra or something, but when they start showing the thing on MTV2 and you're all wasted you can grab your cat and be like , "Oh shit look!!".

Don't know what to wear? The esteemed video directors said something to the effect of, "Look fresh". If you don't know what fresh looks like, go google image it.
Shes Mature out now. Pick it up here with Too Black for BET, the Picture Disc or a just a single.

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