Tuesday, December 05, 2006

White Tees White Belts!!

White Tees White Belts! We've been banging the drum for this party since forever. They've really hit the sweet spot with the Red Warehouse as this place is more packed each month. The warehouse was full until close. If you haven't read Seg's recap go do it now. It's hilarious and insightful into the sort of night you will have. I had no camera with me but no worries as we have hundreds of pictures up for you. Drink Moloko from NYC got it on lock with three albums. Check them here, here and here. More photos (more candid) from Yummygrl from NYC. Next month do not miss out, first Friday January 2007.

While Seg slept til dark, I woke up to go to the Plastic Little video shoot for "Club Banger". I'm pretty sure I'll be all up in that video and will post it as soon as I hear its finished. Lets just say it involves a club scene, drugs, pissing off bar patrons and dead people. Oh and the outside shot while normal people walked by was priceless.

emynd (white t's white belts) has officially retired schizophrenic tennant and has updated and graduated to Crossfaded Bacon. Since its launch he has dropped the next design in is his t-shirt line. Posted up a new mixtape dedicated to the killer tracks from skate videos of yore. Posted up photos from above and finally got back into his bread and butter of calling people racist discussing racism.

Download: Bangers & Hammers Vol. 1 (alt), get the tracklist and buy that ish.

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