Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Killer Mike is Killing It

Damn, more new Killer Mike. This time taken from the I Pledge Allegiance… mixtape. Mike keeps killin them loudly with his in your face rhymes. This time he takes direct shots at the whole Bush family among others.
George Bush don’t like blacks? no shit, sherlock
and his daddy’s CIA flooded the hood with rocks
and his momma said the woman oughta feel at home
getting raped in the bathroom in the Superdome
the comment Kanye made was damn near right
but Bush hate poor people be it black or white

A killer beat with (dare I say) conscious rapping. Mike still comes for the juggular regardless. Who says the South doesn't produce real hip hop?

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  • Lyrics from Thats Life, links from XXL, Killer Mike Grind Time Myspace
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