Monday, August 14, 2006

Attracting Attention

Over at Vulture Droppings, Gyro Worldwide's "unusually incisive and occasionally cruel trendspotting weblog" (hey what an original idea, a website with a snarky attitude dedicated to new and upcoming things), there is an interview with Jayson Musson aka Pack of Rats from Plastic Little, American Sneakers and individual artist. Check it out for whats next for party rap, what happens if you party too much, indie folk music, why art school sucks and how to attract attention.

V: How do you get peoples' attention with words?
J: I start with a single word. "Irony" and "hipsters," say. These words are overused, and used to style an artist class, the new style bohemian. I tend to start with a loaded word or concept, then I'll throw in a lot of cultural and/or pop references. It will sometimes then degenerate into a kind of babble. At the end, I try to leave people hanging. I just did an American Sneakers poster that starts off saying we're doing a show, and that we're asking for donations. Then midway I say that Padlock Gallery is cooler than your single uncle Bill who will never get married in this lifetime. "Women just slow you down, boy," said Bill last year at Christmas dinner. "Uncle Bill is the shit," you think to yourself as you look over the table at your father who has become a mashed potato version of a man in recent years. And then it goes back to a normal flyer: American Sneakers are playing, Corndog is playing, and then the last line says "CAMBODIA!" I'm not really t rying to make sense. Once you're free from that you can go anywhere. I guess it frees me up from any responsibility to any one audience.

Plastic Little's She's Mature "is supposed to come out the 1st of september, but may come out a week later, due to some last minute awesomeness renovations." Turntable Lab has The Jump Off 12", Low Budget Mega Mix of She's Mature (for free) and their original EP Thug Paradise.
More: Plastic Little, American Sneakers CIA, Jayson Musson.

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