Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jokers of the Scene: Canadian Boys Club Tour Mix '06

Jokers of the Scene out of Ottawa, Canada are currently on tour across the East coast stopping in Philly this past Sunday and the Khyber upstairs. J.o.t.s are DJ Booth and Chameleonic a duo of DJ's and producers currently making waves in Ottawa with their Disorganised parties and now with their musical productions. From MySpace:
we dj. we produce. we remix. we book artists. we throw parties. we promote events. we dance. we sing. we have fun.
Since Jokers of the Scene gets the party started we initially mentioned them in More Bounce: Iota in March. I met up with them Sunday at the Walnut Room where they were playing an electro influenced set with Dave P. The music was quite good but they were hoping to open it up to a wider range of music which they will surely do this Friday. While I was there they hit me off with their exclusive mix that no one else has. So enjoy it below. Tracklisting and photos will be up after their tour is over.

Jokers of the Scene - Canadian Boys Club Tour Mix '06 (ysi) (rapidshare)

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