Friday, August 25, 2006

What it Do

Damn, summer is almost over. 51:51 is almost a year old. We've been crazy busy lately making real world moves, more on that as it develops. Expect many more updates next week while we try to catch up. Its been a whirlwind ride and its only getting better. Time to celebrate.

*I knew there had to be more going on, thanks to Chuck da Fonk for pointing it out



Anonymous said...

You are missing Roots CD listening party at Fluid, and King Britt / Janero Jnael (spelling help?) at World Cafe. That's my dry approach for Saturday night. Best, fONk

di1 said...

Fonk, you've been killing it. I'm going to email you next weekend to see if you know of anything I should post beforehand. I owe you for the popoff shack last week. I promise to get back on my proper grind next week.