Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What You Know About Panic?

If you're a fan of Mary Anne Hobbs, probably a bit since KRNL Panic's Panic Anthem has been blazing on her show and being constantly requested. I hit up Panic and he was in the midst of moving out to NYC. However, he just hit me off with the track at 96Kbps "for listening purposes only since DJing low bitrate mp3s is for monkeys." Hes in talks to get this pressed up properly so when I hear more, I'll let you know. Also below is "No Crease Walk" a 33 track mix featuring SpankRock, diplo, Curtis Vodka, tons of Panic remixes, and more. I'm really suprised I haven't posted this before. Oh and check out Emynd and Bo Bliz for the beginning of their West Coast Tour alongside Panic as they play at his going away party this Friday in Seattle.

KRNL Panic - Panic Anthem
KRNL Panic - No Crease Walk (tracklisting)

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