Monday, August 28, 2006

Dirty Raps: the best of Too Short

I've been sitting on this for way too long (thanks Eleven!). I was going to write about how I first remember hearing Short Dog on the incredbile Menace II Society soundtrack. Or how Snoop redid Freaky Tales on the In Tha Beginning There Was Rap compilation. Eventually I would write how if you don't know what I'm talking about then you really need this in your life. Then I would lead in to pages long treatise about his continued contributions to hip hop for the last 20 years. Instead I'll just scream BIIIIICH! (Why they say it like $hort) and let Turntable Lab and $hort himself tell you all about it.
Fresh off "Best of The Bay" and "Soul Boulders" respectively, DJ Eleven and Matthew Africa link up to drop another classic, hosted by none other than Too Short. Dirty Raps gathers 40 joints from Short's catalogue and guest appearances spanning 20 years, mixed smooth and fast. True to the warning labels on the 80s-cassette-inspired cover ("Dirty Rapps Inside Parental Guidance Suggested" and "Warning: Ghetto Music!! Can Be Hazardous If Not Played Loud"), there's a whole lot of pimpin goin on and game being spit. Biiiiiitch, this is not for the faint of heart. Highlights are "In The Trunk," "Burn Rubber," "Short But Funky," "Buy You Some," "Blow the Whistle," "Bia Bia," "Fuck Faces..." shit the whole tape is pretty much highlights, it's the best of Too Short! Shorty the Pimp is joined by E-40, Jay-Z, Biggie, Lil Jon, Scarface, Devin, Casual, Keak da Sneak, Ice Cube, Parliament and more.
Pick it up directly from Matthew Africa, DJ Eleven or Turntable Lab.

*edit*: Life is... Too $hort is track 1 from Dirty Raps, Only the Strong Survive is from the Menace II Society soundtrack. Ok, I need pay more attention, its Dirty Raps. my bad.


crash landon said...

Great site dude, I just started checking it recently (found out about it through nah right) and it's definitely a good hip-hop blog. Good spotlight on the up-and-comers (Jokers, Curtis Vodka, etc) which is a good alternative to other sites like nah right and pitchfork. Short but funky

di1 said...

Thanks crash. We love music and just want to share what we're listening to now cause its so good. Curtis is about to blow and Jokers are really putting out some good stuff lately