Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cobra Kai Tonite at Medusa

Wednesday Night

The Wednesday Night Weekly

This week were bringin special guests DJ Krames and Nick The Dude of Cobra Kai in from Richmond VA. There doing their tour tour thang and this will be their ONLY Philly stop. I wouldnt book these dudes unless they were the real deal...believe that. Check out some of their mixes here

Ric Rok will also be making his triumphant return. He hasnt played in two weeks...dont know bout yall...but i need my fix.

$1 Vitamin Water & Vodka's till midnight and ladies are FREEEE before 11.

The Wednesday Night Weekly
Featuring the Wyld Stallions Tour w/ DJ Krames and Nick The Dude
$1 Vitamin Water & Vodkas till Midnight
Medusa Lounge - 21st & Chesnut

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