Thursday, March 30, 2006

More Bounce: Mu

Back once again with some more muzak. You don't read this anyway so...
  • If you're in Philly I hope you've been to the Popoff Shack. If you're not in Philly it will be worth the roadtrip. This weekend Diplo will be gracing the decks along with your usual residents of Low Budget, Brendan Bring'em, Steve Bloodbath and Dan the Swede. Check the mixes below to relive your favorite Saturday night or to see what you're missing.

  • Low Budget and Brendan Upstairs

  • Bloodbath and the Swede downstairs

  • So we got some more mixes from Steve Bloodbath and fam below some new, some old

  • Youth Suicide Fantasy Mixtape from Town Jewlerz

  • Socket style with Indie Dance and New Wave glory in "Limitless Speed"

  • Jonny Makeup going away mix - dance and hip hop fun

  • Purple Drank - hiphop mixtape

  • Johnny Cocco leaves us with a new March Mix too late for a certain message board

  • My man Carlitoz has posted up some new mixes and I'm really enjoying the Sexy Jazzy Mix

  • Bird Peterson out of Texas has some real nice remixes up on his site. Check out his latest Temptations Aint Too Proud to Beg (Bmore remix)

  • All Curtis Vodka does is make hot tracks New track cranked out Mary Jane 2006

  • Back once again even with a nervous internet connection.

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