Thursday, March 09, 2006

More Bounce: Kappa

  • A Silent Flute has released a mixtape of "groove rock, euro fusion, power jazz and universal anthems". Get it here

  • Everyone's favorite Bmore DJ from Rowdy Nites, Tittsworth dropped these new exclusives
  • Remix of the 4Tops

  • Rough it off

  • Flea Market Music are killing it in Seattle right now. If you're ever in town, check out this trio of djs, candlewax, Greg Skidmore, and Josh Roberts, at their residencies at either Chapel or Re-Bar. For now just check out their mixes (all tracklistings here):
  • DJCandlewax is up first

  • Up next is Greg Skidmore's Red Room Revisited mix

  • Last but not least of the trio is Josh Robert's mix

  • Their latest mix they've thrown up is Curtis Vodka's "Those Hoop Ear Rings"

  • New tunes from Simplefly's Wednesday Night Weekly resident Ric Rok
  • New hour long mixThe Postman Rings Twice

  • Ric Rok remixing Curtis Blow Da Breaks(remix)

  • Been awhile since we got one up almost on time.

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    Greg Skidmore said...

    I found me. New url and more mixes are available at the following url:

    Nice to see that I had a little attention online.