Sunday, March 12, 2006

Hipster Haven

Alright, I'll admit it. I planned on going out and catching Free Hip Hop or Plastic Little. Instead I met up with some friends and went to a couple different bars playing darts, drinking 1/2 yard beers and not seeing hipsters or hip hop. At 1:30 I had already apparently had too many beers and caved in. I went to Pure for Making Time.

I got there too late and missed Hot Chip but the djs had the two story club packed and dancing. Since I was already there I planned on blending in by drinking Sparks but alas they had already run out probably during the open bar at the beginning of the night. The next obvious choice would be PBR but I resisted, in fact I actually ran the other way with Lager in hand. I'm not a Pure regular and don't remember if I made it there when it was 2-4 Club so I decided to check out the rest of club. The main floor was completely packed. From there I headed upstairs and found another dance floor, dj booth, Transit basement holy walls and plenty of open space overlooking the dance floor. While upstairs I kept running into people. Kev1 was dancing. Angelo Yap was there and took a number of pictures. Hollertronix fam was there celebrating Amanda Blank's birthday and Jayson Musson rolled in after his show. Somehow I ended up taking pictures of these girls who decided to be scandalous. To the boy who handed me his card (twice) I appreciate your subtlety and the implied compliment but I don't swing that way, not that there is anything wrong with that. All in all it was well worth the time.

On a sidenote is Pure moving in on Transit's dominance of the club scene? Pretty much every other Making Time has been held at Transit. The Burial will be there this Thursday. These parties have usually been the domain of Transit. I have to admit I did enjoy the setup of the club. Transit basement does easily edge out the upstairs DJ area. The overlook area at Pure is a definite plus. The main floor of Pure I think edges out Transit though. Transit was a bank at one time and the elongated skinny design can be a negative at times. We'll have to wait and see on this one. There is a new club opening up soon which may completely change the clubbing landscape but we'll have to wait and see on that as the details are thin on this one.

Check out the pictures here and Angelo's pictures here.

UPDATE:Oxy was down and took pictures as well. Check them here


Anonymous said...

I believe you should change the slogan, from "Even if you don't remember last night, We Do." to when
"you are too beat down, or conserving your partying resources, we give you the full report". For realz. Thanks for giving us the report when we can't make it out. I even put P-Funk dates on hold this week, as I gear up for other events. So it's truly nice to have a written and visual report. Some of us pay attention to this kind of stuff. Kudos. fONk

Devin said...

I'm pretty sure those scandalous "girls" are post-op.

di1 said...

thanks fonk, i'll forward that on to our marketing department to see what they think.

yeah, i realize thats very possible devin. thats part of the reason why they're scandalous. i figured i'd throw them up there and let everyone decide for themselves.