Wednesday, May 07, 2008

DJ Dirty - Sundae Shakedown Yacht Party Mix (live)

Oh snap, house music all night long! I guess in this case all day long because DJ Dirty just hit me off with a mix from the Sundae Shakedown WMC Yacht Party. Sundae partnered with Shakedown for a yacht party down at WMC this year...Ok I'm just jealous and I can't really write anything more praising how cool it might have been cause I wasn't there. :( Just download the mix and book your plane tickets for Miami now before gas prices make you walk there because thats the only affordable option. I'm not mad. I swear. Expect soulful, funky, party on a boat house. Make some mojitos or caipirinhas and just chill. Use the grill, its nice outside. Invite some friends over. I'm having a BBQ real soon, I've got venison burgers. We're doing it real big this weekend. Holler at me.

"For your hipster flavor and house fresh smell, make sure you count on Dirty every time"
DJ Dirty plays every Sundae and monthly at 4 AM.

DJ Dirty


Anonymous said...

A Setlist would be really nice.

di1 said...

I'll holler at Dirty to see if he has one.