Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TRC -Burga Boy Style Dub

In my epic quest to post every bassline producer that starts their name with a T, we are coming right now to a dude who has been killing it for a while with some tunes. This track was on that Touchdown 4 mixtape that I have had for a minute and always loved it. For ever I thought it was a diss track until I realized that they are down with each other.

Check out this video of these dudes in a rave. Fucking rewinded this sound like 3 times. Kids going crazy on the dance floor.

TRC - Burga Boy Style Dub
(low Quality, although I can't even point you to a place to buy it, maybe they will google their own shit and read this and know that people want to support we just need to know where to get this shit.)

Add him on myspace and support. He also has a couple of records out on Northern line and More 2 Da Floor. You can buy those tracks at Juno and Garage Downloads.

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