Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Mickey Factz video and track

Mickey freestylin to a Precize beat with shout outs to Different Kitchen and Nah Right.

From Mickey
2nd week of Volume 2 and I have a crazy track right here. Competition at its best. When you put 6 lyricists in 1 room and throw a beat on, there's no telling what might happen. And this is no different to that statement. This track was very competitive in the sense that people re-wrote verses, some of us took inside shots at each other, we even told one dude his verse was straight garbage. All in all, its up to the people to decide who had the standout swag, best flow and illest verse. So once again, I present to the people: Jumanji!
Mickey Factz - Jumanji feat Nakim, Nymesis, Charlie Clips, Smoke Dza, Curtains

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