Friday, March 21, 2008

Tacconellis - An Insider's Guide to Ordering

Ah, Tacconellis. Forget showing up here and ordering a slice at 3 am or stumbling through your cheesesteak order by saying with instead of wit or god forbid anything but Souf Philly English. It also has been named one of the best pizza places in the US. takes us on a step by step process of ordering your dough and sitting through the terrible service for the holy grail of pizza.
2. Always over-order. My Aunt Diane is crazy: She reserves about one pie per person when making a reservation. But there is a method to her madness: You always come home with leftovers, and unlike some other pizzas, Tacconelli’s is the gift that keeps on giving... Besides, Tacconelli’s is like drugs: There’s nothing worse than running out before you feel like you’ve had enough. How to order at Tacconellis, Tacconellis Pizzeria

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