Monday, March 03, 2008

Arts Garage Closed, Loie Raided

  • Just got word from Bo Bliz
    the arts garage is shut down indefinitely.

    no further details until we pow-wow a little bit, but this may be RIP.

    keeping it moving.
    Wow after a steady spot for so long once again, this is disheartening especially since its so close to First Friday.
  • UPDATE: Official statement from the Arts Garage.
  • In other L&I news, Loie was raided Friday by L&I and the police department around 10:30. Benja Styles was playing as he is resident on Fridays. I stepped outside and the police came up and handcuffed the bouncer, turned the lights on, music off and completely shut down the place. Everyone was required to show ID before leaving. Loie is again operating on normal hours.

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