Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wild Wild West Bike Race 08 Philly March 15th

I love this type of shit. West Philly is effectively challenging Fishtown to a battle of body order, bad facial hair, and all around bike riding mastery. To be honest I don't know who will really win. I mean this is some shit right. How the fuck are the hippyhipsters of West Philly gonna make a bike race, give away some dope bags and pretty much give a big finger to the fuckers in Fishtown like yeah bitch we got better all you can drink after parties for $5. You will not catch me at this event since I am gonna get my ass down to SXSW but actually the after party sounds interesting to me. Well kinda only because I really like short, frumpy girls, with bad tattoos, bad attitudes and who treat you like shit the whole night cause you don’t dress like them or there current boy friend but can drink as much you and then wanna fuck you in random places and then in the morning sneak out your apartment.

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