Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the Roots Rising Down Listening Party

Last night at "The Studio" some members of The Roots were on hand to host a listening party for their new album, "Rising Down." No, Casi, it's no Organix, but really, what will be? It is, however, a fantastic album. Many Roots fans have already heard Rising Down featuring Styles P and Mos Def, Get Busy with Dice Peedi Peedi and Jazzy Jeff, 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction) [Black Thought's sickening nonstop barrage of lyrical fire] and the reportedly recently axed "single" Birthday Girl.
So after hearing most of, if not all, of the album I can honestly say this is one of their best in years. The beats are really heavy and dynamic. Their sound shows more growth and strength in direction. The guests are plentiful but well placed. It's just a phenomenal album...from the 1.5 listens we were treated too last night.
The party itself was nice. They provided a some beer and a decent helping of catered food. DJ Excel was spinning when the party started and during an interlude before they played some more of the album.
I wish I would have brought my camera to share some pics of the event and of my awkward meeting with Black Thought (is that a pound he's offerin? no a shake/hug combo? nope, it was elbow dap...misread that one...oops...) Nothing like a seasoned music DJ/writer/promoter/blogger getting star struck by one of his favorite artists caught on film to really hammer home how great of a night it was...entertainment on all fronts.

Dice Raw, funniest comic to be a rapper? could be....

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