Friday, March 21, 2008

Saturday: Making Time

Guess who's not playing at Making Time again? Thats right its Crystal Castles! Thankfully they're on tour with Health, so unless a bottle of Jack keeps them down they'll definitely be there and if nothing else Switch is there to drop that dirty jackin fidget house. Oh yeah, I heard a rumor while at SXSW, apparently the real reason Ethan from Crystal Castles is so secretive about his name is that he was in a band that we would make fun of him for. Hmm, maybe glam rock? 80's hair band? Goth death metal? Nu metal? I betcha it was nu metal, easier transition to nu rave.

As a little bonus, I got this in the mail. A little mix from JAPATTACK.
crystal castles - courtship dating
crystal castles - air war (cfcf remix)
letter g - it's gone
the bloody beetroots - we are from venice (la serenissima)
crookers- massive
the bloody beetroots feat congorock - bluto fucks popeye
esau mwamwaya - chalo
JAPATTACK - my bike in c minor
abx - i rhymed slow in 1991
genghis tron - arms (dylan reece remix)

More info on Making Time


Johann said...

check out more JAPATTACK at

Johann said...

The link is down, so you can download the album here as well:

di1 said...

Link is working now.