Sunday, November 06, 2005


Before the night had started, I was offered a medium drink filled with a miscellaneous substance posing as coca cola. Now, whenever I come across a dangerous-looking foreign substance I immediately consult the musically based medical guide “Poison” by Nas, which is advertised as an all inclusive list of various poisons which one should not ingest. (For example: “Radio and TV: Poison, white Jesus: Poison.”) Unfortunately, this helpful tune might not be as comprehensive as Nas would have you believe. (Suggested addition: “Rohypnal flavored coca cola is… uh… poison.”) Anyways, I was fading in and out all night taking pictures when possible, and at one point I woke up in meat locker, but there wasn’t really a photo opportunity.

9:16 _ Discovered myself in a warehouse surrounded by paintings with the words “obey” written below political portraits in frightening fascist lettering ...becoming increasingly concerned with the amount of dried blood on the ceiling...
Is this a gallery on first friday? or have i been dragged off to some primitive holding cell to live out the rest of my years in isolation and trepidation? We make a hasty, and somewhat uncoordinated escape.

11:36 _ awakened by staticy flickering security screen in an otherwise dark room. "you’re being watched." Fortunately, it was just another one of the clever aesthetic touches employed by the inspired decorators of Drinkers. ...Inspired possibly by the movie Saw.

12:31 _ aaahhhhHHHH!!!!

1:23 _ (Murder is Policy) Found myself in a dark underground torture chamber which later turned out to be sugar moms. Though, I highly suspect it might be dual-purpose. Don't stay there past closing time. When you hear last call, you get the fuck out.

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