Wednesday, August 01, 2007

So Philly

Yeah, so Philly news was really popping yesterday and I just want to write about all of the lovely stories.
  • Judge prevents SEPTA from suicide by a slow painful death. In other words, transfers are now good until Monday because they're going to run out of those hard to come by slips of paper. I thought stuff like this was only going to happen if they didn't get dedicated funding?
  • Rick's Steaks is still serving up steaks at Reading Terminal Market for now. Apparently, the Reading Terminal board doesn't think that the Grandson of the inventor of the cheesesteak is authentic enough. Hey at least it isn't Geno's that they're inviting to replace him.
    • This is a great lead in from DMac at Philadelphia Will Do
    • Cheesesteak controversies have long been a part of Philadelphia, from when John Kerry asked for a cheesesteak with dead puppies on it to when Joe Vento started offering dead Mexican immigrant cheesesteak.
  • And now from the department of should have known and blogged about this beforehand: Strippers offering lap dances on the links. Congratulations Tourism Committee you made it as the number 2 story on Countdown last night. I love how NBC videotaped it and then showed it to local residents who had no idea what was going on so they could say they were disgusted about something they would have never even known was going on were it not for said video.

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