Friday, August 10, 2007

Whats Up With DJ Sega?

Speaking of Casi talking about a Philly Party Music Hollertronix 12", the latest signing to the Mad Decent roster is Philly's own DJ Sega. Sega along with Dee Square are the club music dj's for the all ages crowd. You can catch Sega every Friday at Jamz in Germantown and now Sundays at Pinnacle as well. Expect to see kids getting crazy and wu tanging better than you.
As a producer his stock has exploded with “Woo Hah!” and the track currently forcing kids to Wu-Tang their asses off, “Ghetto Hokey Pokey.”

Asked to describe the nuances that differentiate Baltimore, Jersey and Philly club music, Taylor breaks it down. “Baltimore club is more for the club scene. It’s hype, and has a lot of horns,” he explains. “Jersey club is a little more mainstream simply because they chop it up more to make remixes of mainstream hip-hop, and they use a lot of bass. Philly club has elements of both—without as many horns, and it also has a lot of bass. I try to add some soul to it too.”
Can't wait for that Hollertronix 12".

DJ Sega Space

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