Friday, August 17, 2007

Dwizz - Party Music EP

Flamin Hotz has just released Dwizz's Party Music EP. Its absolutely incredible and you have to see it in person. Kristie and John from the Weekly Conversation did amazing work. Derrick over at Bustbright has incredible art direction and the beats knock hard thanks to DJA. Dwizz has pitched up bmore club almost into juke ranges and has produced six solid club bangers. Salt, Pepper, Ketchup & Hot Sauce is still my jam and leads off the EP. Toot That uses a sample from Pop, Lock & Drop It and Feeling So Horny rounds out side A. Side B is led off with Lets Go Girl, a wu tang fight music anthem, that features "To the bitches that wanna fight me, Lets Go Girl". I'm Hot samples Mims banger giving it whole new life and finally Goodtimes is dynomite. Take a listen to the snippets below.

Side A

A1. Salt Pepper Ketchup & Hot Sauce
A2. Toot That
A3. Feeling So Horny
Side B
B1. Let's Go Girl
B2. I'm Hot
B3. Goodtimes

Buy it in Philly at Armands, online at Turntable Lab, in the UK at Rubadub or directly from Flamin Hotz.


Casi G said...

Where was this copy when I was writing the one sheet.

di1 said...

Do you want to battle? You can't wu tang better than me. And we all know about the footwork.