Friday, August 31, 2007

What It Do: The Rave Is Not Over

2 years at this blog game. Summer unofficially over. To all those moving out and in, I feel your pain. Lets just hope that this weekend can match last Friday's craziness. Shout out to Sean Agnew, Plastic Little, MC Spank Rock stopping by after his video shoot for his side project with Benny Blanco and of course Dave P, Julian S Process, Switch and Diplo. A big fuck you goes to the motherfucker that stole my bike. If I see you riding my bike I will tackle you. I'm not mad, it would just be fun. Raise a glass this weekend to better times as things are looking better and better. Oh and if you do nothing else, save it up for Sunday night, its going to be a rager!!!!1!11!!!

  • Live Arts / Fringe starts today. I'm sure theres good stuff going on.
    • Haven't had time to delve through it yet, lasts through Sept 15th
  • Art Opening at Lineage aka the best gallery in Old City
  • Metronomics - Similar to Hustlenomics. They got it at Medusa. Rappy raps with Illy, Mental Sharp and more. Sponsored by Pedestrian.
    • Back to school means Pedestrian is real busy stocking that hot ish. Hustle on over to the blog to see whats new in stock
  • Ed motherfucking Rush at Fluid. Drum n bass in your face at Fluid
  • Crimp Yr Hair vs Hot Cops at Sals
    • Hot Cops are Nick the V and Stumble. Check the goodness, its Sals which means cheap beer, no cover and lots of hipster chicks. Talk about your one speed and how you just got a flip flop hub and you're almost ready for Deep V's but not quite and even if you do you're still going to have the front brake.
  • Remember And Dim Sum? They're Still Ill with Labuda and friends at M Room.
  • Grasshopper 1 Year anniversary all day in store
  • Last mojito of the summer with Dozia. Do I need to say more? How about free mojitos 10:30 - 11:30?
  • Egypt has reopened as Solo. Its on the corner of Spring Garden and Delaware. I can't verify anything about it. Hopefully, it is nothing like Egypt ala Disco 2000 was, unless you're into house dealers, half assed techno, muscle bound men with their shirts off etc. If you like deep house then check out the Sundae crew this Saturday at Solo. Sundays 100.3 the beat does Celebrity Sundays, couple weeks back the Shop Boyz were there. Just saying, throwing that out there.
    • DZA says Solo has "the best club system i've heard in philly since Motion closed."
  • RAVE TIL YOUR GRAVE!!!!!!! Filtered french blog electro hype killer really real house all night with Institubes All stars Para One, Surkin, Orgasmic and Curses. Like for sure, this is a rave. It is at the Vacuum. It is BYOB. ROAR and PLUR in effect. Bring your glowsticks and your candy and your vicks and party like its 1999 at the Purple House or the Basement or 1997 like it was the Fake House. Not 1997 Skyline or 1415 and definitely not 1999 Space. Maybe 1997 Crackline, if only...
    • Brought to you by the fine folks at Rizumu and PartyTrainSoldiers IGetRvng
    • Remember kids, The Rave Is Not Over, It Is On Pause

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