Thursday, August 16, 2007

Of Fishscale, LiLo, Rats and Philly In the UK

A nice little irreverent interview while Plastic Little toured the UK. Topics include those above and sex with Amanda Blank and lack of health coverage in the US. Read the "interview" here.

Really though, as in previous incantations, this is just a lead in for a show or two.
  • Tonite with Rubbed Raw at Pageant Gallery, 6th and Bainbridge. You remember from last time right? Also see OCDJ, Jimmy Joe Roche and BYO. $5 at 8PM
  • September 13th, opening with Gang(rumors) for Bonde Do Role at Johnny Brendas. Buy tickets now from ticketweb.
  • Did you buy a t shirt yet?

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