Friday, November 30, 2007

What It Do

I fell off this week. I didn't post hardly anything, will get back on the grind for next week.

  • The Flat has been postponed and moved to a new location, first jumpoff is the 15th.
  • M.I.A. at E-factory but word is shit is sold the fuck out
  • After the party is the afterparty. Mad Pussy and special performances. Tix are 8.99 and about to sell out.
  • Elsewhere. Steve Bloodbath and Hurrah at Medusa
  • Sorted! at the Barbary
  • Sundae at La Veranda
  • Socket with the RDN twns at Barbary

DJ Jon Doe - Itch FM 11/27/07

Jon Doe out of ATL with another mix on Itch FM from 11/27/07. A little bit of everything for the hip hop heads. Starts out with Freeway, some Lil Brother, "Cormega, Guilty Simpson, Marco Polo and Talib Kweli." (via Spine Magazine)

I am just so happy to have Baltimore Club in my Life

Last post of Mix Tape Month bitches so hope every one has enjoyed the free shit. I think next month might be free Indy Rock CD month of hell. We will see.

So last post gotta give away some shit I worked on myself right. This is the first 5151 mix series CD that me and Di1 repacked for the man Benja Styles and have been getting it out on a national level. Second mix will be out in December featuring the one and old D DJ J Sega, whassupp mang. Baltimore Club Music Vol 1 is one of the hardest hitting Baltimore Club mixs that I own that just covers all of the classics and runs the gammut of the best shit. If you need an intro to non internet Baltimore club this is it. No Cousin Cole, no Bird Peterson, No Rub dudes, No Titsworth, no second wavers, just straight up old school heads like Scotti B, King Tut, Rod Lee, Dj Mook, Dj Ice, Dj Class (still my fav bmore producer), Boo Man, Kw Griff (how is your import repress record sold out again at TTL, i need that footstompin), and the man Dj Technics. (insiders tip, I am pretty sure that Dj Technics sold his back tracks to a record presser in the UK so you should see a lot of his back tracks coming out soon, including shit by Griff and Jimmy Jones, pretty exciting for you vinyl heads.)

So this summer I was going over to Dwizz’s house in South Philly and just walking down the streets in his neighborhood you could hear this mix every where. Shit was just blastin from block parties to peoples cars and out of peoples houses, that’s when I decided to press it for a wider audience. I just want to share my love of Baltimore Club Music. I mean shit is blowing up but more and more people need to hear this shit. It’s the dopest shit in the world.

Anyways I have no really good stories about this mix except it might have been playing when we got pulled over by the Maryland State Police this summer. But that’s on some other shit.

Email 5151List [at] Gmail with subject "You can't wu tang better than me" if you want this in your life. These kids kill it:

Throwback Fridays - Good Day

This album is one of favorite albums of all time. I just pulled it out and started listening to it again. So good. How did Cube go from this to Are We There Yet???????

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction

Tom Jonze posted this when it was Sexual Eruption and was hating on it. Watching this video completely erases the slight hesitation I had when I listened to it. This is still Snoop at his finest. This is such an incredible video. It is bringing back so many great songs like I Need a Freak, every Rick James song, some Isaac Hayes, classic Prince and more. Do you Snoop. Do you.

Cure for depression?

Killadelphia or Brotherly Love?

hate to bring y'all down today but this looks.....interesting......

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mad Pussy / MIA Afterparty

Oh snap M.I.A. is sold out. The after party is at Transit featuring a homecoming for Low Beezy aka Low Budget. Low B has been on tour as M.I.A.'s tour DJ and is ready to come back to tear the fucking club up. Official guests include Pase Rock, not this Pase Rock, DJing who has been DJing for Santogold, Dirty South Joe and the 6'6" assassin of White T's Dan the motherfucking Swede. Guest performances all night long, come on I could give you three guesses and you should be able to guess who might show up. And since you asked for it, there will be free PBR until midnight. Plus Brendan downstairs and house music all night long upstairs with Dirty. It seems like forever since Low Beezy has been in the city and its kind of true after having the luxury of being able to see him erry Thursday for awhile. Apparently the last time was at Bamboo in June. Right, so buy your tix now for $8.99 here.
Holla, can't wait.

Redman 11/30 at the Troc

Funk Doctor Spock will be at the Troc this Friday. Stop by Pedestrian, 252 South Street, today and pick up half price tickets.

Pedestrian (Thanks, Young Harrison)

Mix Tape Month Ghettotek Mixing With Detriots Dj Surgeon

Missed a week so you might see two posts like whoa whoa whoa whoa...

So like earlier this year I went to this warehouse party off of Delaware avenue and was like totally totally faded. Dev79 and Stumbul where spinning all night and shit was pretty ghettotechtastically tastical. Anywho this party is like the shit. Straight up muterhfuckers are to drugged out and banged up to do anything but stand in place and "dance" more like flap back and forth. This is another night that I had my camera and was taking all types of crazy pictures hopefully Di1 will post the ones he didn't put up on Flicker that make that place a reality. We found this high heel shoe in the middle of the road and was taking pictures with it all night. I think their was even a time when I had a beer in the shoe as cushie and was drinking out of it.

So the main reason I was at this party till like 4:30 in the A.M. doing thangs in the bathroom with that girl who told me she wanted to dj like Hollertronix just with out the Crunk since thats corny (yeah she basically missed the whole point of hollertronix) was to see Detriots own Dj Surgeon. This dude is just an underground force in the ghettotek scene. Dudes style is just straight hard ghettotek shit. Best part is that he keeps it really old school by keeping his records bpm'd at around 135 so when you DJ his shit you have to push it up to like 145 and you keep that hot ass speed up vocals and drums sound. Just reminds me of days when I first found out about ghetto house and speeding up records to the upper 140's instead of a lot of the tracks coming out now that start at 140.

So this is some rare ass CD I got from dude called Ghetto Tech Mixin Phase 5 Beyond Ghetto. Now what makes this mix interesting is that he does pull away from the more technoy aspect that he is know for. In this mix you are gonna get a lot of the midwest classics from Funk, Godfather and some special Surgeon blends but thats not the best part. So its kinda like that Atrack CD, lots of hip hop accepellas over ghettotech tracks and other reworks, he also has this really funny breakdown to all the sucker ass Dj's who can't scratch over fast records. Reminds me of the days of ISP and when Magic Mike was putting out booty records on Mo Wax with scracths over them already,not really sure how people dance to this but I guess its for all the dudes in the warehouse at 5 am. Plus this record you get to hear how ghettotech dj's spin Baltimore club. These dudes just push the bar up to like 140 to 145 making Bmore go right back to its roots in breakbeat hardcore. Shit is fucking nasty. Its just a whole new way to interpret those records. I mean I am all into doing crazy shit with djing but I don't think I could ever push Bmore records up that high. Surgeon drops Rod Lee's Dance My Pain Away and it almost sounds like Rod Lee is to fat and out of breath trying to keep on beat and he has to go shoot Emily Rabitt in the butt after she picks him up from his house to drive him to the studio even though she stopped booking for him.

Extra Bonus Databass 062 Boss Up Ep of three year old hip tracks ghettoteked out.

Send me an email to get this.

Editor: Send an email with "5 AM OR trip" to 5151List [at] gmail to receive this mix. See pics from that night here. My personal favorite of the set.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Blentwell Roundup

If you're not familiar with Blentwell, its dedicated solely to bookmarking DJ mixes. Users tag and link to their favorite mixes on the interwebs. Top genres include house, electro, techno, hip-hop, funk and more. Heres a listing of some of my favorite mixes of the past week or so.

Sale at Digital Gravel

Digital Gravel is having a "Cyber(Black) Monday" sale. Woohooo, shopping buzzwords!!!1!1!

Friday, November 23, 2007

What It Do

Hows those turkey sandwiches? Mmm, tryptophan. Dance away the stuffing and the pie this weekend.


Black Friday Sales

Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, the term "Black Friday" actually originated in Philadelphia. It was first put into print in 1975.

Busta Rhymes & Dilla - Step Up

New mixtape coming from Mick Boogie featuring Busta Rhymes over J Dilla production. Check the first single "Step Up". Pick up Dillagence this Tuesday at
Bonus: Download the Mick Boogie - Lebron 5 mixtape featuring Jay Z, Kanyeezy, Nas, 50, Lil Wayne, Wale and more. Get it here or here.,

The Flat

Starting December 1st, there will be a new destination to pick up or sell your wearable designs. The Flat is a bi-weekly designers market at the Neighborhood house in Old City. Tables are $100/space or $90/space for 4 consecutive weeks.

Contact The Flat on MySpace or at

Throwback Fridays - All I Need

No frontin.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What It Do: Thanksgiving


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Freeway - It's Over

Remember this track? Its the one with jabs at Kanye and Just Blaze. Or not.

Freeway - Still Got Love

Free At Last out today!

Freeway - Lights Get Low

Free At Last is out today. Go buy that for real.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Real Superfly

I don't care if you loved it or hated it... Anytime Hollywood gets there hands on something "based on a true story" it would be wise of you to know the TRUE STORY. Check out the New Yorkers story on "American Gangster" Frank Lucas published back in August 2000. We put it out there at four in the afternoon, when the cops changed shifts. That gave you a couple of hours before those lazy bastards got down there. My buyers, though, you could set your watch by them. By four o'clock, we had enough niggers in the street to make a Tarzan movie. They had to reroute the bus on Eighth Avenue. Call the Transit Department if it's not so. By nine o'clock, I ain't got a fucking gram. Everything is gone. Sold . . . and I got myself a million dollars. Read the rest here... THE NEW YORKER AND FRANK LUCAS

Spank Rock at Transit Saturday

Spank Rock Rock Rock at Transit this Saturday for Mad Pussy. Awesomeness to the next level with Taxlo DJs Dave Nada, Cullen Stalin, Chris O, & Simon Phoenix and Broadzilla and Dirty and Brendan. Drink specials 10 - 1 and only $5 if on the list. List is capped to 500 people so sign up now.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Example - You Can't Rap

Yo this is Casi posting in segs post. Watch this cause its like in a play in real life.

Friday, November 16, 2007

What It Do

I am so not ready for this cold, or thangsiving or the holiday season or any of that. Where has my year gone? I am looking forward to Carnival though. But for real, fuck this cold stuff
  • And Dim Sum at the Khyber (56 S. 2nd)
  • The Good Life at The Mansion with Jes One and Excel upstairs while the Hot Cops (Nick the V and Stumble) will be downstairs. $4 drinks til 12, hot jams til 3:30.
  • Making Time with no guests whatsoever at Pure (1221 St. James)
  • Housed - house music all night long at the Arts Garage (1516 Parrish)
  • Minimal techno at Inciting courtesy of Foundsound
  • Kiss n Fly at Level - Its Designer Drugs and Shawn Ryan, seems like a good idea
  • Bounce with White T's DJs Emynd & Bo Bliz at the Barbary
    • Barbary is dope. I'm really excited about it, plus its round the corner from
  • Mad Pussy with the Motherfucking Rub
  • Beats & Rhymes at the Khyber (downstairs) live beat competition
UPDATE: I hate when I leave stuff out that I want to mention

Fresh Melt Water

So we've mentioned Fresh Melt Water a few times on here before, most recently in the Blaqstarr - Shake it to the Ground video, and now their fall collection is out and it looks dope. By far, my favorite is the God Saves the Seeds design. Fresh Melt Water are composed of two designers who met in Philadelphia. FMW is completely founded, printed and designed by these two, no outside work, no outside printers, just FMW. Be sure to stop by Pedestrian (252 South Street) this weekend and if you pick up to FMW tees, you get a free 198Faux tee. Check their website at and pick up their full high res catalog here.

Spank Rock at MTVu Woodies

So remember when I mentioned yesterday about Spank Rock and his altercation with Jared Leto and El-P? See video above. Spank Rock Rock Rock Star. I just find this hillarious, I kind of don't want to post it cause of the end but it's Jared Leto and El-P so it's funny. Watch it while it's up.

Blaqstarr ft Rye Rye - Shake it to the Ground / Crazy Leg Wit It

Holla! Now available on iTunes and vinyl and all that. Shout out to Fresh Melt Water and I <3 SNKRS. Also, if you look real close you can see Casi G.

Blaqstarr, Rye Rye, Mad Decent

Dizzee Rascal - Flex

Dizzee's Maths + English is a really dope album through and through. Download Flex now for only .99 from Amazon.

A-Trak Attack Dirty South Dance Rap

So this CD is kinda ballin out but its like two years two late. A-Trak comes to the table compiling tons of really hot electro cuts blended with hip hop acapellas. Maybe its just cause I understand how people make this shit now that makes it pretty uninteresting instead of the days when it would be electro cuts underneath the actual rap songs. With Serato, Ableton, and any other digital djing component its pretty easy to lay the southern hip hop accapellas over these electro records. I shouldn't even say records, I should say mp3's. Either way he does some pretty good blends with Hustlin Hustler which pairs Rick Ross and SMD. It actually sounds like Rick Ross is riding the beat and not just layed over it (man thats some shit I haven't thought about since my underground hip hop days). Actually the really real stand out is "Call that girl a Margherita" which is probably due to my deep affection for Italo, Pitbull and how A-Trak blends it into that TTC track. I remember when the Unclassics records were dropping and this was like my official intro to Italo with this track by Margherita. It totally reminds me of this girl Alexus who I used to hang with who was totally into this space disco sound and we used to freak out to shit like this when it would get played. Like when Dan the Swede would get on the decks and drop some shit like this and you put your shoulders down and do that two step bounce and swing your arms back and forth.. Shit I probably sound like a fucking idiot right here. What evers. Yeah so it goes into that TTC track that is blazing. If only I cared enough to figure out what the fuck they are saying. I just like saying Cuizzi Cuiz when I am really drunk. But I gotta give major props on the outro which is a My Love routine which I think if I heard in the club I would probably try and punch some one, but technically its pretty cool. I mean if I wanna hear some dj cutting up shit like hard core in the club its gotta be on some ghettotech records. Like when Disco D (RIP) cuts up "Hoes In This House" that shit would make me wanna keep dancing and freakin the shit out of some girl, but A-Trak on some let me show you why I won DMC 4 times before I was 18. Pitchfork gave it an 8 out of 10 so email me and get this shit.

Art work by obey which is some clothing company that does something but is notorious for ripping people off for some odd reason.

Actually the best part of this mix is the "Shout out to all the artists whose music I used on this CD. Go Buy their records!"

Email 5151List [at] Gmail with "Dirty DMC" to receive A-Trak - Dirty South Dance

Throwback Fridays - Chessboxin

The Wu post I did yesterday got me digging out 36 Chambers. Also anyone have that computer game back in the day where they would actually fight when you took a piece? I think it was called Battle Chess or something like that? I loved that, I wonder if there is a newer version.

UPDATE: I found it! I'm going to download this now.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dexterous Or Crafty In The Use Of Words

Cunninlynguists is not only a sexual innuendo but a really dope southern Hip Hop group. They have evolved from playful childish wordy tricksters to certifiable southern soulful artists. Deacon the Villain and Natti handle the MCin and touch on heartfelt topics well-suited to the Kno's emotional production style.
They got a new album coming out called Dirty Acres (you can pre-order it here with the instrumentals included.)
Check out a tune featuring ever-entertaining Devin The Dude on their myspace page
Download their tune "Mexico" below.
Cunninlynguists - Mexico featuring Club Dub

The Barbary

So Jhn Rdn bought The Barbary a former punk rock etc club and is turning it into a club of awesomeness. Think Johnny Brendas plus Fluid or thats at least how it sounds to me. From The Inquirer:

The downstairs Barbary will be for monthly events, and Redden challenges "DJs and promoters to come up with ways to make their parties better than they've been at any other venue." Upstairs, set to open next year, will be a "dive bar" venue of a different name that will have booths, food and a jukebox.

"In my ideal world, the club would be a worker-owned syndicate where profit would go to support the abolition of the prison system and fund radical social movements," Danielle Redden says.

For now, though, brother and sister will settle for making the Barbary a dance-and-hang space "where people feel comfortable having meaningful social interactions, where people can experience joy," Danielle says.

Tonight is the grand opening with a whole slew of DJ's. Saturday sees The Bounce with Emynd & Bo Bliz and The Barbary MySpace is now updated with the next week of shows.

RCRD LBL & Justice feat Spank Rock and Mos Def

So the music industry has no idea what to do with itself. Blogs, mp3s and torrents have taken over, so what do you do? You create a blog/label funded by sponsors and give away the music for freeeeeeeeeee!!!
Well, we'd like to welcome you to RCRD LBL, a brand new music site where all of the downloads are both free AND legal. In a world where many people get their music for free, we wanted to create a site where bands we loved could put their music out there for free AND get paid for it. RCRD LBL is a new model and an experiment, putting great music out there for free and with absolutely no DRM
So with that, comes their first post featuring a Benny Blanco remix of Justice D.A.N.C.E. with Spank Rock and Mos Def lending their lyrics.

RZA Breaks Down Kung Fu Samples

Wired has an interview with the RZA as he breaks down which movies he sampled for each song's kung fu elements. Also, if you haven't picked up The Wu-Tang Manual: Enter the 36 Chambers, Volume One and you are into the Wu at all, you need to stop what you're doing and go buy it now. Seriously, Casi G has it and I started reading it and I was completely floored. I felt like it was 1997 all over again listening to "It's Yours" after getting the double album for Christmas or 1993 and watching the Wu video for the first time all bug eyed being like WTF is this??? Wu Fans you ready for December 4th? Eight Diagrams and the Ghostface album Big Doe Rehab. I can't figure out whether that is incredible or a terrible marketing move. If you can't get enough RZA watch RZA gets schooled in chess by a 16 year old.

Wired Interview, Download full interview

Spank Rock Interview

Oh man, I so wish I was the Woodies this past week. Spank Rock performed with a whole stage full of girls in bikinis. Ran wild in the media area stealing drinks from the gothamist blogger who continues to blog only about said incident for the next 15 minutes and then live blogging and talking shit in ALL CAPS and then nearly got into a fight with Jared Leto. Needless to say Spank Rock stole the show like normal on and off stage. Jared, what happened? Speaking of which anybody heard from Claire Daines? Last time I heard her name was in the Prada store in NYC where she was running around barefoot trying on shoes. Also to top it all off El-P was seriously wasted and "bashes Spank Rock". Is this bashing? I think he just hates rap music. Bwahahahahahahaha.

Freestyle Color Mix Tape Winner

Yo its freaking Mix Tape time so lets get into it. So out of the slew of emails I got last week I am picking out Dana Z. representing Glenolden PA. Yeah I see you Glenolden. I have no freaking idea where that is and I kinda don't want to know (not hating just stating). So Dana keep an eye out in your mail box for this CD, I gotta mail out records tomorrow any ways. Then you can put it on and write your own story and send it in for me to post. Hopefully it will be something like "I put this CD on and all I could think about was how dope Casi G is and how much I want to make out with him in the upstairs bathroom of transit."

New mix tape for giveaway today....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lykke Li - Little Bit

Just got this from Derrek over at Good Weather For Airstrikes. Not my usual style, but something about it that is just irresistible, its also a cool video. I'm a little bit in love with it. :) Lykke Li is from Sweden. The song is only available in Sweden on vinyl or iTunes as she is still unsigned as of yet in the states. Download the the high res version from the director, Mattias Montero, here and read the lyrics here.

Lykke Li

Information R/evoloution

This is an incredible look at the power of categories or the lack thereof. From the same author who created "The Machine is Us/ing us", an explanation as to why Web 2.0 matters.

Mad Pussy and Pics

Killin em in the club. Transit was dope Saturday, I mean White T's plus Brendan plus Dirty can only equal awesomeness. Meanwhile TwoOneFive was there taking pictures. Mad Pussy is back again this Saturday with The Rub. Remember the Pleasuretown Parties? Yes, yes and more yes.

UPDATE: Just added $2 vodka drinks til 12.

New Rebellion Customs

A whole bunch of brand new customs just dropped from Rebellion. Featured above are the works of Dave Mass. Come say goodbye to Dave where he will be DJing before he leaves for the military this Friday at the Straight Dope.

See the rest of the new kicks at Rebellion Customs MySpace.

What is this I SEE?

IAMISEE is Philly based MC I slept on at first but something inside me drug me to peep his new song "Danger Stranger." His flow and voice are a cross between MF Doom and Aesop Rock with some throwback MC Hammer stylings. Ok not so much on the MC Hammer. Shit is still fire.
Legend has it he does a lot of his own production too. Double threat guy!

Yahhhhhhhh Digggggggggggggggg (penguin style)

I have been watchin this non stop for like a min.

If only their was a Don Magic Juan Emperor Penguin up in that bitch.

Djizzle keep doing you...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Beantown Representin'

Special Teamz is 3 cats from Boston that are all tight on the mic. Edo G, Jaysaun and Slaine just dropped their debut "Stereotypez." This track features production by LEGENDARY Boston native Preemo.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

To be a Kid...

I like to think of myself as the kind of guy that if I told you I loved "The Muppet Show"...... It would just make sense. With all the bullshit reality shows on anymore I would love to see a come back. Fuck all you haters theres no more room in the balcony seats. These are 2 of my personal favorites.

Friday, November 09, 2007

What It Do

Werds and wordes. Ah man, I can't be at werka anyemore these agua dawts are getting to me, i think I took too manny...Intern come over and right these fore mee..

  • Sundaes now at La Veranda
  • Busdriver and Daedalus at the Khyber (downtempo left field hip hop stuff that Casi G was way too into like 2 years ago and is trying to drag me out to, also Seg would love this but doesn't remember them. Dude, its Ninja Tune isn't that the holy grail?)

I Got that Aqua Dots

Oh Snap! Get that studio from Toys R Us.
Spin Master Aqua Dots can be arranged into designs and then fused together when sprayed with water... Scientists say a chemical coating on the beads, when ingested, metabolizes into gamma hydroxy butyrate, the so-called date rape drug. The compound can induce unconsciousness, seizures, drowsiness, coma and death.
Before being known as the "date rape drug" it was commonly found in clubs known as Liquid X or Liquid ecstasy.
Since the 1970s club scene, club-goers have used a range of drugs to enhance their experience on the dance floor such as amyl nitrite "poppers" and cocaine; in the 1990s, newer "club drugs" became popular, such as ketamine and Ecstasy (MDMA). Like these other "club drugs," GHB is taken because users feel that it enhances the experience of being in a club or at a party; GHB is sometimes referred to as liquid ecstasy due to its tendency to produce euphoria and sociability and its use in the dance party scene.

The effects of GHB, however, are quite different from those of MDMA. At low doses, GHB can cause a state of euphoria, increased libido, increased sociability, and intoxication.

GHB is extremely dangerous because it can be easily overdosed on and as such fell out of favor.

Mom: Toy makes child 'drunk'

Under iBoobery and Flossy D

See this is music related. Also she lives in Philly and is an artist. This is why I read this site since there are no articles yet. This is a dope photo though, I wish I knew how to use Photoshop instead of screaming at my computer in disgust. That part I'm really good at.


Also, Flosstradamus pics courtesy of Two.One.Five. Also Amanda's nail game is unfuckwitable.

Keyshia Cole - Shoulda Let You Go (Benja Styles Remix)

Just got this new banger in the mail from Benja Styles and he brings back the breakbeat. Its clean and 95 BPM so all you DJ's can cue it up in your serato and play it out tonight.
E Ness' Necessary coming soon on Bad Boy. Download the Benja, JDS & E Ness Mixtape The Pursuit of Happi-Ness now. Did you get Baltimore Club Music Volume 1 yet? Philly stand up!

November is Mix Tape Month

Basically I get all these freakin mix tapes sent to me and shit and I listen to them at work. Then when this drawer gets full I pull everything out go down the street sell what I can and toss the rest and wait for the drawer to fill again. So I thought today fuck it might as well give some of this shit away. So lets dig deep and go into the drawer and find some shit. So send me an email if you want this fucking CD before I sell it.

First week lets do the Diplo and Tripledouble AEIOU 2 (in color) mix tape repress jump off from TTL. Crazy story about this mix tape right. It came out right as Favela on Blast and Florida but I never picked this one up. I wanted to buy the Hollertronix T-shirt but instead got Favela on Blast which was a horrible move since that shit is like all over the internet right. Whatevs.

So like when this tape first dropped in 2005 I went to this fund raiser for the Prometheus’s Radio Project in the basement of the church they rent out on 50th and Baltimore in West Philly. So I am supposed to DJ just to keep the mood so I am playing some straight underground hip hop heat. Tons of Pete Rock souled out shit, lots of Detroit shit with Dilla on the boards and then that down tempo heat. Then finally some one else is ready to DJ so for my last record I pull out the white label Diplo Rhythm record I had and threw it on. Then this dude over in the corner teaching kids about nutrition jumps up runs over and starts freaking dancing around, mind you there was no one dancing before him. He then turns to me and was like “I was just in Stockholm with Diplo playing this gig. Shit was insane.” Turns out Tony Tripledouble teaches kids nutrition in public schools with a grant from Penn and was at the event. He gave me a CDR of this mix that day, nice dude. I think he still runs Small Time Hustle and talks lots of shit up on Soul Travelers board.

So I didn’t think about this mix till like 2 years later I was driving with my boy Luke from Chicago to New Orleans all through the night right. So of course we leave late since Luke wants to go see Yo La Tango which is really out of control then with in the first hour of driving he says I am mad tired and need to go to bed. WTF right… So we ended up on route 66 forever and it was crazy to see the cotton on the side of the rode and shit like that. But for a while in the middle of the night we were both really tired so we were trading off sleeping an hour and driving an hour. So I go to bed and then a little bit later I get woken up by Luke straight freestlyin over some beats. When I mean freestlyin I mean dude is just going all over the place rapping about me sleeping and how the cars are driving past and its all off beat and crazy. So I sit up and am like what the fuck Luke, he doesn’t stop rappin and just starts to have a conversation with me rappin. It was totally annoying. Then I realize he is rapping along to AEIOU 2. It didn’t change how I felt about the situation.

Email 5151List [at] gmail with Freestyle In Color in the subject line if you want the mixtape.

Clayton James Cubitt Photography

Cosmo Baker sent this to me and there are some incredible pictures here. There are 6 galleries in the commissioned section. The above is from his Katrina set. Also highly interesting is the "Lagos Calling" gallery featuring African skinhead (originally a working class subculture from the UK) fashions from the 1970's. The art section has a number of mature photos but will warn you before you will see any. All are stunning. Choose a gallery above and click on the right side of the pictures to scroll through.

Clayton James Cubitt

Mad Pussy with White T's

funny pictures

Wez goin to Transit on Caturday

Free entry for first 2oo on the list. Drink tickets for the first 200 girls through the door. Dirty with house music all night long upstairs and Brendan rocking the hip to the hop and rnb and reggae and soul and funk and all that good ish. Get on the list now.

Throwback Fridays - Ruff Ryders Anthem

This is technically from 9 years ago but its DMX and Throwback Fridays was inspired by DMX. Also, Jay Z vs DMX. X come out of retirement, put out a remix or something. Get Swizzy to get you on a remix, you made his career.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lyrics Born Live: The Review

Saturday November 3rd, 2007 World Cafe Live played host to Lyrics Born on his current tour with Rue Melo as the opener. I'm going to be frank here and say that I left for the show a little bit late thinking that it would get underway late. Normally when you go to a show, the artist sits in the back drinking one more drink/shooting one more spot of dope/snorting one more line off the hooker's boobs, and in my old age I'm sick of standing around listening to the ever increasingly drunk crowd gettin ornery. I made a mistake. I walked in the door at 9:15 PM and the show was over half over. I missed Rue Melo and exactly half of Lyrics Born set. I walked in when he was playing "2 Hot 2 Cold."
Lyrics' band is tight. They are very tight. The sound at World Cafe is the best in the city. Also tight. His band is a guitarist, bassist, keyboard player and a drummer a long with his ever-present wife and vocalist Joyo Velarde. The second song I saw was Hot 2 Def and this is the "band intro" track. Everyone got their 15 minutes of fame here and it was well deserved. Not a single instrumentalist on stage was weak but most impressive of all was the bass player. Whoever he is, and I wish I knew who he was, is an amazing player AND a showman. A true entertainer.
Lyrics ran through only his most popular tunes (from what I saw) and followed "Hot 2 Def" with ultra-funky crowd pleaser "Callin Out." Joyo's lead vocal chops get a chance to really sore on that hook and the whole crowd was singing along (or as best a bunch of poor singin' folk can muster.) Another funk master was next with "Changed My Mind." I believe it was in this song that LB decided to call out a table of people sitting off to his right of the stage for just sitting there. Excellent entertainer AND a ball buster. I like the way this guy rolls. He closed out the set with what might be one of his "hardest" tunes "Bad Dreams."
Short walk off...bring on the encore.
"Love Me So Bad" is a duet. LB and Joyo have an "argument" during this song about the complexities of their relationship. This is one of my favorite songs to see live as they really show the chemistry between them as musicians AND lovers. The song peaks with them in each others faces singing/rapping their points simultaneously. The finale is "Do Dat There" and is LBs chance to show off his nimble flow. The tempo of the song appears to bounce up and down but it grows ever closer to mind numbingly fast. Which is where it ends; with Lyrics Born rapping faster than an auctioneer on Meth and Crack. It was so fast I went back in time and thought I was Joey Lawrence: "WHOAA!"
Kinda upset I missed Rue Melo, her voice reminds me of early Esthero. I'll watch for her return to the Philthy.

On The Kennebec?

Philly's (or more appropriately Harleysville) Slacks are opening (about 9:30 PM) for for the Quips at the release party for the Quips second full length Take Two. I've already reviewed one Slacks record (which they quote on their myspace page) and will no doubt review their next record when given the opportunity. I'll summarize the review; they are awesome. My musically ignorant sister, my music fanatic father and my scenester friend Erin all share a common love with me for Slacks' timeless songwriting style. Start with "On The Kennebec" or "Fearless" from their myspace page.
As for Quips, their first record sounded like the rebirth of Nirvana with Steve Albini producing. Their new tune, "Coming Along," shows a more rustic rock sound moving towards their own, less derivative, sound. I'm excited to hear the new tunes live. And, it helps that the last time I saw them it seemed that the only people that liked them were cute females aged between 21-26. I like females that like music and drink. I'm easy to please.
This all goes down at The Khyber for the low low price of 8bones.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Camron - Public Enemy #1

Its here. Download it now. (via NahRight natch)

What it Do Tonight

  • Breaker Breaker, GZA the genius will be playing at the Troc tonight. Its 18+ and only $19.
  • Flossy D is in town and playing at my house, wait thats not quite right, there will be some rave jams though, they're actually playing at Silk. If you miss them tonight, not to worry cause they'll be back to rock the main floor of Transit with Mad Pussy yo, wait or not, I think the script got flipped so you better just come to Silk tonight. To recap, Chicago DJ's Flosstradamus will bee playing at Silk City tonight. R5 says so.
  • Happy Birthday Awesome Andrea!

The Blackest Fridays!

If you didn't know already Exit Philadelphia is a Skateshop and Lifestyle Boutique located in Fishtown. They carry all the hottest skate and street brands around, tons of sneakers, tees, hats, etc. I also personally think the owner is a super rad dude to come in and shoot the shit with, and but him beers everytime I see him out... BUT HEY that's just me.

But for the next 3 FRIDAYS they are having huge sales to get your ass ready for the Holidays... Great time to get your loved ones some fly ass high tops, and wood to push around on... Black Friday

Plastic Little Live

This is from that Philly advertising party a couple weeks ago. Its kind of funny cause Jayson, Pack of Rats, looks like he's taking a shit the whole time and Kurt could care less that he's on stage.

Read Jayson's latest Black Like Me about God's mistakes and the upcoming Gays vs Robots War.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Value Of In Rainbows

Radiohead is keeping the sales figures of their new model of a record release a secret. But there are some leaks and lots of speculation. It is thought that on average only about 40% of those that downloaded it paid anything at all. From there the average, worldwide, is 6 bucks ($8 in US and closer to $4 the rest of the world). (I'm an Amurrican so I can't give you these figures in Euros.) If they had a million downloads that's 400,000 people paying 6dollaz giving them 2.4 million. After all costs, they will make just under 2 million dollars for the first million people to download it. They will make about most of that 2.4 million for every million people globally to download it from there on out. And this was really just a savvy way to make money off of the inevitable internet "leak" that puts these albums out months before their physical release. Well done old chaps. (Read that again, they are NOT really reinventing any wheels in the music game they are just savvy enough to make money off the same downloads that you would normally have found on Oink using good ole fashioned guilt and questioning people's values. I repeat, well done old chaps.)

Speaking of Oink and someone actually re-working the way the wheel rolls, Saul Williams and Trent Reznor paid 7 bucks and $5,080, respectively, for In Rainbows. You can read more about their download ONLY album The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! and how they viewed Radiohead's music label chess victory and what it means for their project here

Spank Rock and Benny Blanco - Pussy (Video) (NFSW)

Guess what? Its definitely NSFW in a twisted cartoon way. Remember the Baby Rat video? Same director, Scott Lunny.

Jay Z - Roc Boys (And the Winner is) Video

Oh snap. The intro track is awesome as well, Brooklyn with Weezy F. It looks like they're shooting footage for the movie inspired by the album inspired by the movie.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Like when you first heard Juicy

I have yet to see an episode of Rob & Big, Life Of Ryan (Sheckler) or Viva La Bam. Fucking sue me...
I also don't like big trucks with big rims, shiney neon sneakers, and skating with bling... This video part is one of the main reason I ever stepped on a board, and never stepped off...

I got a mathematical formula I just worked out.

The more AKAs on an MC the worse they are. "Yo this is T-Real AKA Young Money AKA No-Skillah-for-Reallah AKA My Momma Thinks I'm Good So That's All That Matters AKA I Gotta Decide On An MC Name Or Ill Never Get Big Like Young Wheezy." This song, however, is terribly funny because all the dance crazes out now this is by far the wackest AND at least 2 of these dudes have less rhythm than my 13-month-old nephew.

Monday Morning Loveliness

I find no music makes me smile more consistently than well sung reggae jams. What better way to start the week than with a great tune by Gentleman. Here is his new "single" Serenity.

Friday, November 02, 2007

What It Do: November First Friday

Ah First Friday. I can almost taste the Sutter red wine right now. In this piece the artist appears to be expressing some angst yet love. Wait I can taste the wine that I just poured myself. Ok back to reality for a second... Hows your Halloween costume holding up? You going to wear it out tonight? I'm still debating whether or not I want to bust it out again. Oh and Mad Pussy yo!


G Unit - Feel Good

Why Fiddy? Why? Why is this the first single? Also, matching aquamarine?????

Space 1026: 10 Year Anniversary

Space 1026,recent Citypaper Choice Award winner, is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with their opening of "Never Forget!: Do It Yourself With Others". The gallery looks back at their 10 year anniversary and their over 40 members who have participated at one time or another. From Citypaper Art Picks:
What places like 1026 and Spector (RIP) did was loosen everybody up, throw open the doors to young talent and set the precedent for the new independent gallery. Now Philly's scene is thriving on that philosophy. (Just don't tell 1026 they're any kind of institution.) This show gives us all a chance to catch up, surveying the work of the more than 40 members they've had over the years as well as their spontaneous collaborations and inspirations. Given this group's past, it would be foolish to predict what this show will be like beyond that.
If you don't recognize the graphic above its from the book Big Kids Little Kids a wonderful book explaining the philosophy and history of Space 1026 in their first 8 years. Pick it up from their website or at various Urban Outfitters.

Citypaper First Friday Focus, Space 1026, Big Kids Little Kids

A list of best live hip hop acts.....

would no doubt have to include Lyrics Born. Lyrics Born, birth name Tom Shimura, is so good live he's one of few MCs to successfully release a live hip hop album. Rolling Stone gave it 3.5 stars and Amazon reports it at 4 stars.

Check his myspace page and check out the killer "Pack Up Remix" featuring Evidence from Dilated Peoples and the one and only KRS-One.

World Cafe Live (one of, if not THE, best live places to hear music in philthy philthy, will be hosting Lyrics Born Saturday, November 3rd 2007. You can get tix here. He will most likely be touring with a live band on some live music realness. And he'll no doubt have his BEAUTIFUL wife Joyo Velarde doing back up vocals.

if you skip just a lil into this video so that fuzzy crap sounds die out you can hear a pretty good montage of his jams....and note his killah charismatic flow. miss this at ya own risk.

Let Me Ride Video Part III

Its First Friday so its Let Me Ride at Fluid tonight with special guests Nate Day back in town and Designer Drugs. Admission is $5 and goes towards the Stephen J Kunitsky fund. $2 domestics, $3 well drinks & $3 jager shots til midnight.

A Sides Tonight Jonny Brenda's

Local fav's the A Sides will be kicking around on Frankford and Girard street tonight throwing down that slow indie goodness. Best part is that all of these dudes ex girlfriends show up so their is tons of indy tail just looking bored and staring off in the corner. This would be a good time for all these dudes studying the game to walk in and just talk shit on indy rock and how hip hop is so fucking better. Then you gotta convince the girl to do a jager bomb with you and go to WTWB so you can get your mind right before bangin a girl with a dudes haircut.

Throwback Fridays - Give It Away

I was going through my music collection the other day and dug this album out. So incredibly awesome. I had no idea what was going on in the video and it was amazing.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


  • This is a pretty awesome flyer. Legendary bad man from the Virus crew Optical will be playing at Fluid tonight. Expect nothing but heavy drum n bass.
  • Bamboo continues strong. Open bar 10 - 11, Girls on list free. Guys $5, wearing your Halloween costume gets you half price entry. Brendan and the Swede. Awesomeness on two floors. Guestlist.
  • Don't forget about Mo Money Mo Problems at Silk with Steve Bloodbath
  • American Gangster premiere tonight, must have tickets. I can't wait, expect a review tomorrow.

Phileb Choice

  • Philebrity.TV relaunched today. Its snazzy and the player at the top of the page plays episodes consecutively like a real TV would. They also have commercials like real TV does too. Woohoo!
  • Citypaper Choice Awards have been announced. You can read all about them, preferably in print cause I'm hoping they make more sense there. I personally linked these two together to highlight the ongoing tiff between Brian Hickey and Joey Sweeney. See Phileb's side here and Brian Hickey's stab here. Oh I think I get it now, there is the clever make up awards for people narrative section then there is the actual listing where the awards make sense.
  • Citypaper Choice winner Damon Abnormal deserves his own section and link. Follow him along on Flickr as he dominates street art popping up everywhere, most notably in recent months with the pink soldiers and the stickmen on the street. See a sticker and want to know the name? Damon knows and saw it two weeks ago.

Countdown to Free At Last

Its official Freeways Free At Last will be released November 20th and the White Tees White Belts bols are counting down. They are posting a Freeway related track every weekday from now until then. There are already some gems popping off over there.

Download the bonus track from Nick Catchdubs as he mixes Hypnotic Brass Ensemble with Jay, Beanie and Freeway. I aint talkin bout chicken n gravy mang.

Follow along at CrossFaded Bacon

Mad Pussy

Holla! I don't know if you got the flyer from MSTRKRFT but Paper Street, Simplefly and Gravy are taking over Transit Saturdays. First party up is Devlin & Darko, Spank Rock's tour dj's, along with Si Young, Plastic Little's tour DJ. Meanwhile, Brendan Bring'em will be rocking downstairs and DJ Dirty from Sundae will be rocking upstairs in the Executive Party Suite.

November 10th is Bo Bliz and Emynd of White T's, November 17th the Rub invades Philly and then on the 24th Flosstradamus from Chicago will be taking over the main floor. I'm really excited, something awesome to do Saturday nights this November. Also Hibbard taking pics for TwoOneFive, free sparks, Broadzilla DJ's, MIA after party with Low Budget and Dave P and Roxy Cottontail, free drinks for the ladies and more awesomeness.

Get on the list