Friday, November 09, 2007

November is Mix Tape Month

Basically I get all these freakin mix tapes sent to me and shit and I listen to them at work. Then when this drawer gets full I pull everything out go down the street sell what I can and toss the rest and wait for the drawer to fill again. So I thought today fuck it might as well give some of this shit away. So lets dig deep and go into the drawer and find some shit. So send me an email if you want this fucking CD before I sell it.

First week lets do the Diplo and Tripledouble AEIOU 2 (in color) mix tape repress jump off from TTL. Crazy story about this mix tape right. It came out right as Favela on Blast and Florida but I never picked this one up. I wanted to buy the Hollertronix T-shirt but instead got Favela on Blast which was a horrible move since that shit is like all over the internet right. Whatevs.

So like when this tape first dropped in 2005 I went to this fund raiser for the Prometheus’s Radio Project in the basement of the church they rent out on 50th and Baltimore in West Philly. So I am supposed to DJ just to keep the mood so I am playing some straight underground hip hop heat. Tons of Pete Rock souled out shit, lots of Detroit shit with Dilla on the boards and then that down tempo heat. Then finally some one else is ready to DJ so for my last record I pull out the white label Diplo Rhythm record I had and threw it on. Then this dude over in the corner teaching kids about nutrition jumps up runs over and starts freaking dancing around, mind you there was no one dancing before him. He then turns to me and was like “I was just in Stockholm with Diplo playing this gig. Shit was insane.” Turns out Tony Tripledouble teaches kids nutrition in public schools with a grant from Penn and was at the event. He gave me a CDR of this mix that day, nice dude. I think he still runs Small Time Hustle and talks lots of shit up on Soul Travelers board.

So I didn’t think about this mix till like 2 years later I was driving with my boy Luke from Chicago to New Orleans all through the night right. So of course we leave late since Luke wants to go see Yo La Tango which is really out of control then with in the first hour of driving he says I am mad tired and need to go to bed. WTF right… So we ended up on route 66 forever and it was crazy to see the cotton on the side of the rode and shit like that. But for a while in the middle of the night we were both really tired so we were trading off sleeping an hour and driving an hour. So I go to bed and then a little bit later I get woken up by Luke straight freestlyin over some beats. When I mean freestlyin I mean dude is just going all over the place rapping about me sleeping and how the cars are driving past and its all off beat and crazy. So I sit up and am like what the fuck Luke, he doesn’t stop rappin and just starts to have a conversation with me rappin. It was totally annoying. Then I realize he is rapping along to AEIOU 2. It didn’t change how I felt about the situation.

Email 5151List [at] gmail with Freestyle In Color in the subject line if you want the mixtape.

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