Friday, November 30, 2007

I am just so happy to have Baltimore Club in my Life

Last post of Mix Tape Month bitches so hope every one has enjoyed the free shit. I think next month might be free Indy Rock CD month of hell. We will see.

So last post gotta give away some shit I worked on myself right. This is the first 5151 mix series CD that me and Di1 repacked for the man Benja Styles and have been getting it out on a national level. Second mix will be out in December featuring the one and old D DJ J Sega, whassupp mang. Baltimore Club Music Vol 1 is one of the hardest hitting Baltimore Club mixs that I own that just covers all of the classics and runs the gammut of the best shit. If you need an intro to non internet Baltimore club this is it. No Cousin Cole, no Bird Peterson, No Rub dudes, No Titsworth, no second wavers, just straight up old school heads like Scotti B, King Tut, Rod Lee, Dj Mook, Dj Ice, Dj Class (still my fav bmore producer), Boo Man, Kw Griff (how is your import repress record sold out again at TTL, i need that footstompin), and the man Dj Technics. (insiders tip, I am pretty sure that Dj Technics sold his back tracks to a record presser in the UK so you should see a lot of his back tracks coming out soon, including shit by Griff and Jimmy Jones, pretty exciting for you vinyl heads.)

So this summer I was going over to Dwizz’s house in South Philly and just walking down the streets in his neighborhood you could hear this mix every where. Shit was just blastin from block parties to peoples cars and out of peoples houses, that’s when I decided to press it for a wider audience. I just want to share my love of Baltimore Club Music. I mean shit is blowing up but more and more people need to hear this shit. It’s the dopest shit in the world.

Anyways I have no really good stories about this mix except it might have been playing when we got pulled over by the Maryland State Police this summer. But that’s on some other shit.

Email 5151List [at] Gmail with subject "You can't wu tang better than me" if you want this in your life. These kids kill it:

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Tom Jonze said...

though that style of music makes me feel like i'm having an epileptic fit those kids kill it in that vid.