Friday, November 16, 2007

What It Do

I am so not ready for this cold, or thangsiving or the holiday season or any of that. Where has my year gone? I am looking forward to Carnival though. But for real, fuck this cold stuff
  • And Dim Sum at the Khyber (56 S. 2nd)
  • The Good Life at The Mansion with Jes One and Excel upstairs while the Hot Cops (Nick the V and Stumble) will be downstairs. $4 drinks til 12, hot jams til 3:30.
  • Making Time with no guests whatsoever at Pure (1221 St. James)
  • Housed - house music all night long at the Arts Garage (1516 Parrish)
  • Minimal techno at Inciting courtesy of Foundsound
  • Kiss n Fly at Level - Its Designer Drugs and Shawn Ryan, seems like a good idea
  • Bounce with White T's DJs Emynd & Bo Bliz at the Barbary
    • Barbary is dope. I'm really excited about it, plus its round the corner from
  • Mad Pussy with the Motherfucking Rub
  • Beats & Rhymes at the Khyber (downstairs) live beat competition
UPDATE: I hate when I leave stuff out that I want to mention

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