Friday, November 16, 2007

Spank Rock at MTVu Woodies

So remember when I mentioned yesterday about Spank Rock and his altercation with Jared Leto and El-P? See video above. Spank Rock Rock Rock Star. I just find this hillarious, I kind of don't want to post it cause of the end but it's Jared Leto and El-P so it's funny. Watch it while it's up.


Anonymous said...

Spank Rock still killed the live acts on the woodies. At least check them out live before you start saying anything!

Check it out here:

di1 said...

You should read my other post or any other post I write about Spank Rock. I really wish I was there because Spank steals the show every time he performs. I saw him this past week perform a couple songs with Benny Blanco and and he still killed it.
Speaking of which I think I recorded that show and need to up it, if it sounds good.

Tom Jonze said...

El-P is a member of hiphop history and will forever be a part of its fabric. SpankRock is entertainment rubbish and will blow over and be forgotten like the fad that he is.

Never Humble, Always Loud.
Tom Jonze.

di1 said...

Tom, Def Jux is a black spot in hip hop history, that is if anyone has actually heard of them. Just because El-P is written on more backpacks than Spank Rock, doesn't mean he will be "forever part of its fabric". El-P should watch this video.

El-P was just jealous cause he hasn't put out a relevant record in 3 years and only wish people were as excited about him as they are about Spank Rock.

Also, Casi G has a Def Jux belt buckle and matching dog tag for sale: $20.

seg said...

di1 (if that is your real name), only elitist music bloggers would use the word "relevant" as a description as to whether a work of art is good or not.

Who cares what the cool kids like? High school is over.


di1 said...

Relevancy is important when talking about "hip hop history". Lots of people put out mixtapes and create myspace pages, but they are never relevant to anyone besides their friends therefore never deserving a place in hip hop history.

seg said...

Only if you believe popularity now is a good indicator of influence later. Given the fact that some of the most influential artists in our history were almost completely unknown while they were living, I'd say not.

The methods for creating great art, and the methods for getting fame are different.
Time will tell which is which.