Friday, November 09, 2007

What It Do

Werds and wordes. Ah man, I can't be at werka anyemore these agua dawts are getting to me, i think I took too manny...Intern come over and right these fore mee..

  • Sundaes now at La Veranda
  • Busdriver and Daedalus at the Khyber (downtempo left field hip hop stuff that Casi G was way too into like 2 years ago and is trying to drag me out to, also Seg would love this but doesn't remember them. Dude, its Ninja Tune isn't that the holy grail?)


seg said...

Who said I didn't remember them? Busdriver is okay, but he's missing something that I think Aesop Rock does better. Daedelus gets props for sampling Woody Allen.

I'll bet their live show will be fun cause its pretty frenetic music.

di1 said...

I have no idea, umm, I think it was the aqua dots talking.

Tom Jonze said...

agreed, bus is beat compared to the Rock. and that aquadot post was mad funny duke.