Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mix Tape Month Ghettotek Mixing With Detriots Dj Surgeon

Missed a week so you might see two posts like whoa whoa whoa whoa...

So like earlier this year I went to this warehouse party off of Delaware avenue and was like totally totally faded. Dev79 and Stumbul where spinning all night and shit was pretty ghettotechtastically tastical. Anywho this party is like the shit. Straight up muterhfuckers are to drugged out and banged up to do anything but stand in place and "dance" more like flap back and forth. This is another night that I had my camera and was taking all types of crazy pictures hopefully Di1 will post the ones he didn't put up on Flicker that make that place a reality. We found this high heel shoe in the middle of the road and was taking pictures with it all night. I think their was even a time when I had a beer in the shoe as cushie and was drinking out of it.

So the main reason I was at this party till like 4:30 in the A.M. doing thangs in the bathroom with that girl who told me she wanted to dj like Hollertronix just with out the Crunk since thats corny (yeah she basically missed the whole point of hollertronix) was to see Detriots own Dj Surgeon. This dude is just an underground force in the ghettotek scene. Dudes style is just straight hard ghettotek shit. Best part is that he keeps it really old school by keeping his records bpm'd at around 135 so when you DJ his shit you have to push it up to like 145 and you keep that hot ass speed up vocals and drums sound. Just reminds me of days when I first found out about ghetto house and speeding up records to the upper 140's instead of a lot of the tracks coming out now that start at 140.

So this is some rare ass CD I got from dude called Ghetto Tech Mixin Phase 5 Beyond Ghetto. Now what makes this mix interesting is that he does pull away from the more technoy aspect that he is know for. In this mix you are gonna get a lot of the midwest classics from Funk, Godfather and some special Surgeon blends but thats not the best part. So its kinda like that Atrack CD, lots of hip hop accepellas over ghettotech tracks and other reworks, he also has this really funny breakdown to all the sucker ass Dj's who can't scratch over fast records. Reminds me of the days of ISP and when Magic Mike was putting out booty records on Mo Wax with scracths over them already,not really sure how people dance to this but I guess its for all the dudes in the warehouse at 5 am. Plus this record you get to hear how ghettotech dj's spin Baltimore club. These dudes just push the bar up to like 140 to 145 making Bmore go right back to its roots in breakbeat hardcore. Shit is fucking nasty. Its just a whole new way to interpret those records. I mean I am all into doing crazy shit with djing but I don't think I could ever push Bmore records up that high. Surgeon drops Rod Lee's Dance My Pain Away and it almost sounds like Rod Lee is to fat and out of breath trying to keep on beat and he has to go shoot Emily Rabitt in the butt after she picks him up from his house to drive him to the studio even though she stopped booking for him.

Extra Bonus Databass 062 Boss Up Ep of three year old hip tracks ghettoteked out.

Send me an email to get this.

Editor: Send an email with "5 AM OR trip" to 5151List [at] gmail to receive this mix. See pics from that night here. My personal favorite of the set.

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