Thursday, November 08, 2007

On The Kennebec?

Philly's (or more appropriately Harleysville) Slacks are opening (about 9:30 PM) for for the Quips at the release party for the Quips second full length Take Two. I've already reviewed one Slacks record (which they quote on their myspace page) and will no doubt review their next record when given the opportunity. I'll summarize the review; they are awesome. My musically ignorant sister, my music fanatic father and my scenester friend Erin all share a common love with me for Slacks' timeless songwriting style. Start with "On The Kennebec" or "Fearless" from their myspace page.
As for Quips, their first record sounded like the rebirth of Nirvana with Steve Albini producing. Their new tune, "Coming Along," shows a more rustic rock sound moving towards their own, less derivative, sound. I'm excited to hear the new tunes live. And, it helps that the last time I saw them it seemed that the only people that liked them were cute females aged between 21-26. I like females that like music and drink. I'm easy to please.
This all goes down at The Khyber for the low low price of 8bones.

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