Friday, November 16, 2007

A-Trak Attack Dirty South Dance Rap

So this CD is kinda ballin out but its like two years two late. A-Trak comes to the table compiling tons of really hot electro cuts blended with hip hop acapellas. Maybe its just cause I understand how people make this shit now that makes it pretty uninteresting instead of the days when it would be electro cuts underneath the actual rap songs. With Serato, Ableton, and any other digital djing component its pretty easy to lay the southern hip hop accapellas over these electro records. I shouldn't even say records, I should say mp3's. Either way he does some pretty good blends with Hustlin Hustler which pairs Rick Ross and SMD. It actually sounds like Rick Ross is riding the beat and not just layed over it (man thats some shit I haven't thought about since my underground hip hop days). Actually the really real stand out is "Call that girl a Margherita" which is probably due to my deep affection for Italo, Pitbull and how A-Trak blends it into that TTC track. I remember when the Unclassics records were dropping and this was like my official intro to Italo with this track by Margherita. It totally reminds me of this girl Alexus who I used to hang with who was totally into this space disco sound and we used to freak out to shit like this when it would get played. Like when Dan the Swede would get on the decks and drop some shit like this and you put your shoulders down and do that two step bounce and swing your arms back and forth.. Shit I probably sound like a fucking idiot right here. What evers. Yeah so it goes into that TTC track that is blazing. If only I cared enough to figure out what the fuck they are saying. I just like saying Cuizzi Cuiz when I am really drunk. But I gotta give major props on the outro which is a My Love routine which I think if I heard in the club I would probably try and punch some one, but technically its pretty cool. I mean if I wanna hear some dj cutting up shit like hard core in the club its gotta be on some ghettotech records. Like when Disco D (RIP) cuts up "Hoes In This House" that shit would make me wanna keep dancing and freakin the shit out of some girl, but A-Trak on some let me show you why I won DMC 4 times before I was 18. Pitchfork gave it an 8 out of 10 so email me and get this shit.

Art work by obey which is some clothing company that does something but is notorious for ripping people off for some odd reason.

Actually the best part of this mix is the "Shout out to all the artists whose music I used on this CD. Go Buy their records!"

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