Friday, November 02, 2007

A list of best live hip hop acts.....

would no doubt have to include Lyrics Born. Lyrics Born, birth name Tom Shimura, is so good live he's one of few MCs to successfully release a live hip hop album. Rolling Stone gave it 3.5 stars and Amazon reports it at 4 stars.

Check his myspace page and check out the killer "Pack Up Remix" featuring Evidence from Dilated Peoples and the one and only KRS-One.

World Cafe Live (one of, if not THE, best live places to hear music in philthy philthy, will be hosting Lyrics Born Saturday, November 3rd 2007. You can get tix here. He will most likely be touring with a live band on some live music realness. And he'll no doubt have his BEAUTIFUL wife Joyo Velarde doing back up vocals.

if you skip just a lil into this video so that fuzzy crap sounds die out you can hear a pretty good montage of his jams....and note his killah charismatic flow. miss this at ya own risk.


Anonymous said...

Please delete this spam post from 2002.

Tom Jonze said...

you no likey my taste in music? or my style of writing? this is no's me, Tom Jonze, backing this show as a certifiable bangar. come on out and see for yourself.
ps, anonymous comments are a cowards words.