Thursday, November 01, 2007

Phileb Choice

  • Philebrity.TV relaunched today. Its snazzy and the player at the top of the page plays episodes consecutively like a real TV would. They also have commercials like real TV does too. Woohoo!
  • Citypaper Choice Awards have been announced. You can read all about them, preferably in print cause I'm hoping they make more sense there. I personally linked these two together to highlight the ongoing tiff between Brian Hickey and Joey Sweeney. See Phileb's side here and Brian Hickey's stab here. Oh I think I get it now, there is the clever make up awards for people narrative section then there is the actual listing where the awards make sense.
  • Citypaper Choice winner Damon Abnormal deserves his own section and link. Follow him along on Flickr as he dominates street art popping up everywhere, most notably in recent months with the pink soldiers and the stickmen on the street. See a sticker and want to know the name? Damon knows and saw it two weeks ago.

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