Thursday, May 31, 2007

Plastic Little Tonite

From Plastic Little:
'm so hungover i could vomit baby giraffes, but that don't matter because rapping must happen!

Us, we're called Plastic Little or Crapstick Shittle
The Mighty Mighty Sweatheart!- best rappers alive
Triangle Forrest!- all the way from ProviDANCE Rhode Island
DJ Si Young- Permanent Asshole Face. His words not mine. He be spinning some records to make the bitches shake they rectums.

Special Guest, MC Spankrock. He'll just be eating pork side stage and making fun of my light complexion and telling me how dissapointing i am as a human being. Thanks Nareem.....

Johnny Brenda's
Frankford and Girard
9pm shizarp. For real. 9pm Sharp.

Wheres Me Booty: Attn Those Who Have Purchased Tix

From PaperStreet:
*We've been selling tickets for the Boat Crusie this Saturday through Ticketweb and by hand so we don't have an exact list of who grabbed tix, if you haven't gotten them yet please ignore this e-mail*

OK party people, it is ON this Saturday! You ready for the summer kick-off party to end all summer kick-off parties? While the rest of the city is stuck on land we're all gonna be crusin in international waters with the best party DJ's in the universe. Here's some answers to the most common questions I've gotten from you:

- What time do we get there?
We start boarding at 9pm. There will be DJ's going the whole time and we'll be drinking and whatnot from 9 until we take off around 10:30. Just make sure you're on the boat when it pulls it out. We get back at 2am, BUT we may take a vote on board to see if everyone wants to keep crusin longer. We're in international man made laws apply. It's going to be up to you.

- Is there parking? How do I get to the Liberty Belle boat?
Yup, plenty of parking is available by the boat. The Liberty Belle is docked at the Navy Yard next to the Philly Cruise Terminal. Real easy to get to, it's at the South end of Broad Street. Traveling from I-95? Take I-95 Exit 17 (Broad Street). Go South onto Broad Street. Enter Main Gate at Navy Yard. Continue on Broad Street to the Cruise Terminal (Building #3). The terminal will be the last building on the right. Taking a cab is even easier.

- Top shelf open bar means what?

It means everything you want to drink is free and tipping is INCLUDED. I'm an occasional drinker myself and I wanted to make sure you are taken care of, so we hired 10 EXTRA bartenders for the night, 16 total, so you're endless thirst will finally be satisfied.

- What floors is everything on?
Floor One it's DJ Dee Jay with Madonna/Michael/Prince party. Yes, all Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince all night. It's even more fun than it sounds. Floor Two it's Emil & Bo from White Tees, White Belts. This is the big party room on the boat, expect sweaty mash-ups and club bangers and lots of drunk grinding. Floor Three it's Rich Medina & Lucas Rivera with Mojito's live percussionists Kiki and Carlos. This is the outdoor party with house and Afro-Cuban beats with the sky above you and the water rushing past beneath.

- Is Pirate attire really encouraged?
Yes, it is. The party's called Where's Me Booty. Of course we want Pirates and Wenches. If you don't know what a Pirate or a Wench looks like, go Google Image it or something. It's not necessary but it will be fun. I'm working on a parrot right now. I'm not kidding.

If you have friends freaking out right now, and you probably do cause my phone is blowing up, there may still be tix left online here.

If it's sold out, then we have some tix we printed out for hand-to-hand sale, just get at us.


This is going to be incredible. I might wear a life jacket cause I'm afraid of falling off cause of the open bar and all...

White Tees White Belts Moved

From Emynd:
The Ukie's nice and all, but they were trying to stop our grind so eff that. Anyway, we're partying later and we're letting EVERYONE in this time. So come through and party with your dude Low Budget who hasn't DJed in Philly in what seems like 6 months (though it's probably only been like 1). This shit is going to be bananas and this place the Arts Garage is the best venue I've seen in Philly (no hyperbole).

We're starting at midnight because nobody comes until midnight anyway.

Let's party.

White T's on MySpace

Weekend Pics

Mad late but better late than never. Up above is young Dwizz from his album release party on Saturday at the Y. Check out all the pics here.

Oxy Cottontail posted pics from Friday at the Pedestrian jumpoff here.

Yapsnaps keeps it coming with pics from Thursday at Keywest.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jai Alai Savant - Thunderstatement

2005 like whoa up in this bitch. All of these tracks are taken from the "Thunderstatement" EP from the Chicago by way of Philly band Jai Alai Savant. These dudes basically make incredible reggea dub dance rock tracks that some how seem to flow into each other on endless loops. I saw them live, bought this cd and played it non stop in the car on the way home. Really some great music in here. So the other day I am over at Repo Records selling some CD's back and I only get $7 in store and I am looking around and can't decide what I want. And there on the wall is the new full length "Flight of the Bass Delegate" on vinyl for $11 bucks. So I had to get it and to my surprise they re recorded a lot of the tracks. So all of these right here are on the full length but not the same mixes. I still love listening to this EP since it sounds like Major Taylor is jumping out of my headphones yelling at me about his love life. Shit is really ill. So also please support these guys by going to their shows and buying the CD. It's really good. I listened to it the other day hung over while laying on my porch drinking a cup of coffee at 9:45 in the morning, I am gonna miss my roof deck.
Links: Buy Jai Alai Savant, Major Taylor

Friday, May 25, 2007

What it Do: Your Memorial Day Weekend Guide

Ok, Philly do you understand this weekend? Do you understand how crazy this weekend is? I'm talking serious here, well not serious but heavy but not not either in a bad way. Just crazy amounts to do. Its going to be beautiful, I'm getting out of work early. I can't wait. PHILLY ARE YOU READY??????????

  • New Spot Opening - La Veranda on Pier 3. Special "soft" opening just to make the place jump. Indoor and Outdoor seating with views of the River. Ian St. Laurent will be DJ'ing while Gravy is on the mic. Oh yeah its free and there is an open bar 10 - 11. Pier 3 on Columbus Blvd between Dave & Busters & Penn's Landing. Must be on guestlist

Dumpster Diving with Local Hero

How awesome is it that I go to a "Trouble and Bass" last weekend at Don Pedro's Rave Cave (dirtydown gots some great pictures up) and I run into the dudes that have been running things in Chicago for a while. It was really awesome to find out that I actualy know Dj Local Hero and that he has an incredibly great taste in music. He passed this CD into my hand that night and I have been listening to it non stop and tracking down these remixers myspaces to hear more of that good good. Then I end up going over to Trash Menagerie and find out that they got that freakin blog on lock. Posts about obscure Spanish casio electro, a great write up on Santogold, and they also have the mix up for free download.

Go get it here......
Dumpster Diving #1
00:00 Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Guns ‘N’ Bombs rmx) [Turbo]
02:36 Baobinga & ID – Recognise [Fat!]
04:29 Dynamix II – Pledge Your Allegiance to Electrofunk [Monotone]
06:51 Daft Punk – Too Long (Acid Girls Re-edit) []
09:13 Math Head – Do Damage (Passions rmx) [Trouble & Bass]
12:59 Edge – Compnded [Edge]
15:35 Unknown – Luxury II [White]
17:43 Zebo – We Likes [None]
19:50 Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Tittsworth rmx) [None]
22:26 Modeselektor – Silikon (Siriusmo rmx) [BPitch Control]
25:01 The Killergroove Formula – Out of Money (Malente’s Crazy Ass Dub) [Lounge]
27:55 Steed Lord – Dirty Mutha (Crookers rmx) [None]
30:01 Sinden & The Count of Monte Cristal – Beeper [Counterfeet]
32:37 Armand Van Helden – NYC Beat (MSTRKRFT rmx) [Southern Fried]
34:30 Sneaky Soundsystem – UFO (Van She Tech rmx) [Unknown]
37:44 Goose – British Mode (Jester rmx) [None]
41:29 Lillica Libertine – Loose Lips Sink Ships [None]
43:35 Klaxons – Gravity’s Rainbow (Soulwax rmx) [Rinse]
46:45 Maelstrom – Disto Funk [Menu]
48:37 Mr Hudson – Ask The DJ (Ocelot Express Mix) [Universal]
51:47 Aaren Sen - Osc Low Nyzz (Blende rmx) [Aelaektropopp]
53:25 Armand Van Helden – This Ain’t Hollywood [Southern Fried]
55:31 Bass Kleph – Coup D’Etat [Vacation]
58:36 Lazaro Cassanova – Shorts and Heels [None]
60:17 Acid Girls – Crystal’s Apartment [None]
62:08 Gwen Stefani – Wind It Up (Kissy Sellout rmx) [None]
64:41 The Lowbrows – Doo Pa Pa [Delicatessen]
67:03 Sneaky Soundsystem – Pictures (Tonite Only rmx) [Whack]
70:18 Deaf and Dumb Crew – Stay [Dust Traxx]
73:47 The Scanners – Lowlife (LA Riots rmx) [Dim Mak]
77:23 Kasabian – Club Foot [Botchit & Scarper]

Today: Topstitch Sidewalk Sale

From Babooshka:
So.........Today at TOPSTITCH boutique we will be having a SIDEWALK SALE.

All sidewalk items are marked down as well as some of the vintage inside the store. We are overflowing with amazing vintage pieces as well as local designer duds. So much that we have run out of hangers!! So here is the DEAL... ALL VINTAGE (no matter if it is already on sale or not) IS BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF. We also will have our $10 BIN as well.



MON - WED 12 - 7
THURS - SAT 12 - 8
SUN 12 - 6

Photo Credit Kelly Turso

Saturday: Dwizz Album Release Party

This Saturday its Ya Man DJ Tameil spinning with 16 year old party music (Philly Club music) sensation Dwizz. This kid is killing it right now. For a little about Dwizz I grabbed this bio from his MySpace:
I would like to start off by introducing myself. My name is Dante Winn better known as Dwizz. I was born in North Philadelphia and raise in South Philadelphia. Music became my love at the age of 13. First it just started out as something to do, then when my friends started saying that my party music was HOT I really starting getting into it more. I am currently looking for a home in the music industry, so if you like what you hear please get with me.

My Influences are DJ Dee Square, Dj Tameil, DJ Tim Dolla, Brick Bandits, DJ KHALED, Baltimore club music and last but certainly not least "Sir Clef ". I love their music which is one of the reason that I will continue to bring yall the hottest party music ever. My first cd will be coming out real soon so everyone please make sure you get yours. I promise to deliver nothing but the best party music in the Tri State area and throughout the World.

In addition to that, I would be starting my own Foundation for Inner City Youths who want to go to college but don't have the finances to do so, This will be a Non Profit Organization. So look out for that also.

I would like to thank each and every individual for your continue support and may God Bless.
$15 gets you admission and Dwizz's CD Party Dwizz. This 26 track banger features one of the hottest songs I've heard in a minute:
This is an all ages party at the Y on Broad and Master and features DJ Tameil from Brick City, and Philly's own Sir Clef and DJ Dee Square.

Dwizz Space, DJ Tameil, Sir Clef, DJ Dee Square and his roller skate jam

DJ Funk on Saturday

Before Baltimore Club killed it for me in the clubs there was Ghetto House also known as Juke or Booty House from Chicago and Ghettotech from Detroit. (Ghetto House and Booty House are both all encompassing names for a number of different sub genres of music while Juke is specifically from Chicago and Ghettotech is specifically from Detroit.) Names like DJ Funk, DJ Assault, DJ Godfather and Slugo were banging that 130 BPM + music. There were so many classics that I would bug out to if I heard in the club. It was fast, it was bass heavy and the songs were raw. DJ Funk was one of my favorite DJ's and if he was playing I would be there. Songs like "Sex on the beach", "Playa Haters in Dis House", "Face Down", "Booty Bounce", "Let me bang", "Pump It" and so many more classics. There were so many because the DJ's would run them for maybe 2 minutes a piece if that. Watching them spin was a workout because they would constantly be changing records. Cue it up, mix, switch and repeat for 2 hours. Check the interview below for a history of Ghetto House, including how the name came about, and interviews with Funk, Waxmaster and more.

Now you can see DJ Funk on Ed Banger remixing Justice and so many more. Here is a 20 minute mix from 1999.
You can see DJ Funk live with many more this weekend at Whistle at Shampoo. Buy tickets online from or from 611 at 611 South 4th Street.

DJ Funk on MySpace, Buy Booty House Anthems 2 from CdBaby, DJ Assault on MySpace, Hit up PoundforPound for DJ Slugo and "Wouldn't You Like to be Hoe"

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tales from Cosmo Baker

(Cosmo and friends, South Philly 1979)

I'm thinking Cosmo Baker should write a book, the stories he has are incredible. Case in point:
"So I was downstairs the at The Latest Dish on a Sunday night and I got this call from Josh Wink and he says to me "Cos, Goldie has been on tour opening for Jane's Addiction and they're playing Philly tomorrow night. The show is over relatively early, but Goldie wants to play a nightclub afterwards. Can he come by The Remedy and get down?" I was thinking that it was kind of odd cause I pretty much spun hip-hop/funk/breaks and the crowd that would come out on Mondays would be kind of like "What the fuck" to D&B. Plus this was 1997 (I think, maybe 1998) and Jungle hadn't really caught on yet. But I was like fuck it and told Josh to bring the dudes down. So the next day I just went to every record store in the city and put up little last minute poster and shit, and I called everyone I know to come down and check it out.

Goldie showed up a little later and the crowd had already been grooving to me just doing my thing, but there were A LOT of people in there early and I was like whoa. So then Goldie went on around 11:30 or so and started playing all the CRAZY fucking dubs, everything on acetate and just KILLING it. I grabbed the mic and I was really drunk and so I started MCing like a madman, and then I started beat boxing over Goldie playing his dubs and people fucking lost it.

Sounds crazy but this is all fact. But it gets crazier cause Perry Farrell was dancing up on one of the risers and people were like going off to him. I walked over to the bar and Dave Navarro was leaning agains the bar at Fluid, no shirt on, two girls on each side of him, and he was pouring tequila down his chest and girls were sucking it right off his chest. Later on I noticed Val Kilmer dancing in the middle of the floor, sunglasses on, no shirt on as well. He was dancing like in this weird motion, and was sipping out of this little flask. I later found out it was absinthe, that he ended up sharing with half the party.

Later on, after Goldie was done, I playes Cocoa Brothers "Won On Won" on 45 and somehow mixed it into Gary Numan "Cars" and the room exploded.
This explains why Fluid and Cosmo Baker are both incredible Philadelphians. See also the MF Doom story. Check out Cosmo Baker and the Remedy for a special 10 year anniversary on June 4th.

Tonite: Planet of the Drums: Platinum Reunion

Incredible. Planet of the Drums is back for a special Platinum reunion. Dieselboy's Platinum night at Fluid (613 S. 4th) every Thursday was one of the premiere places to hear new drum n bass and jungle in the US. Every week a prominent producer or DJ would take the decks to a packed house. Resident DJ's Sine and Icon held down warmup duties while Dieselboy was away touring the world. Relive just a little bit of the magic tonite with AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy and J Messinian along with Kaos, Sine, Sharpness and Illy.

So I dug in the crates and found some old school and new school sets from Dieselboy and Dara.

Here is a cassette rip of Killa Sound from 1995. Houstonbeats has the tracklist
I briefly mentioned Sutpen's Jungle yesterday but it was the biggest jungle/dnb full party there was in the city, the East Coast and possibly all of the US. For years it was in a DIY warehouse called the Fake House in West Philly. In 2000, Substitution moved it to the Electric Factory. I used to have the flyer and might still somewhere. The lineup was incredible. Anyways here is a live set from Dieselboy
Last but not least is a newer set from Dslboy in January of 2007

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Claude VonStroke - July 2006 Promo Mix and club history

I've dug up yet another Claude VonStroke mix. This one comes from July 2006, a bit old but I can't tell since I don't recognize most of the tracks. Its still banging though. Pick up tracks from VonStroke and others on his DirtyBird records from Beatport. Also, there is this party at this place that I may have mentioned once or twice.

Honestly I'm just excited that Fluid is 10 years old. Thats an eternity in club life. I've been going through clubs in my head and can't think of one that has been open the same amount of time. Transit is close but that nearly closed I don't know how many times. Places like Lounge 125 have gone through 4 or 5 incarnations at least in the past 10 years. SoMa use to be a cool spot for dancing but that was converted to Bar Named Sue then shut down. Medusa has been around for ~3 years and before that was a jazz club. Sals has been booking dj's for 1 - 2 years. 700 club has probably been open quite awhile but they never bring in outside talent. Pure used to be huge but under a different name. Skyline and 1516? (I think) used to kill it in Chinatown but have both been closed and leveled since like 98,99. Evolution on Delaware Ave. was big for awhile but is closed. There was Space but that only lasted a few years until it turned into Motion which lasted even shorter and is now vacant. M Room took over where Aqua Lounge left off. Shampoo I think is the only club still open and they've fell off. They barely bring in any big talent any more except if there is a Whistle there. Where else is there? Am I missing something on Delaware Avenue? I'm pretty sure most of those clubs have gone under an overhaul within the last 5 years. Whats your favorite place to listen to dance music now or in the past 10 years? Leave it in the comments.
Claude VonStroke tonite at Fluid for the 10 year anniversary - $5 if on guestlist

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Art for the Cash Poor 8 - Call for Artists

Coming Saturday, June 9 and Sunday June 10th from 1 - 6PM is Art for the Cash Poor 8. This 2 day art sale features all original artwork with nothing more than $199. is currently looking for artists to fill the Crane Arts Building. Click the flyer above for Olivia's email address if you're interested in showing your work.

Claude Von Stroke Mix

Just picked up the new Mixmag and lo and behold there is a new mix from Claude Von Stroke entitled The Beats of San Fran Disco. Expect this and more when CVS plays Fluid for their 10 year anniversary.

Full tracklisting at discogs

Wednesday Night: Claude Von Stroke, Dave P and Diamond Girl (Hands & Knees) at Fluid 10 year Anniversary Pary - $5 on gueslist

Broad&Market Video Interviews

We first mentioned Broad&Market nearly a year ago. For those that haven't seen it yet, Broad&Market is a Philly street blog documenting fresh fashion and asking what inspires them. Most posts are a picture and a written interview, however, two recent posts featured video interviews.

This interview features an interview with Maggie, the creator of Broad&Market.

Check out Broad&Market.

New arrivals for the ladies

Ladies: Deep Sleep has new threads for Mama in time for spring and summer. Check the fresh hoodie to the left and also check out this new blouse. Holla at Deep Sleep on MySpace or stop by in Old City at 54 N 3rd. St.

Meanwhile, Jackie Pepper is the proprietor of Fresh Heir “transforming the old into new” using classic vintage fabrics for fresh funky designs. Her latest design uses “vintage silk scarves with contrasting covered elastic in the back to keep your piece on straight. No bobby pins, no adjusting, no aggravation. The scarves wrap around the front of your head and each other to create a twist at the crown (a cool, unexpected detail). They’ll even stand up to errant bangs, strong winds, convertibles, and yachts.” Pick up one of each at Echochic, 1700 Sansom Street (215-569-9555). For custom scarves, e-mail jpepper {at} freshheir[dot]com. (via Daily Candy)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Tonite: The Rapture for Free

Free tonite at Urban Outfitters, 1627 Walnut Street. Click the image and print it out, first come, first serve must have ticket above.
Courtesy of FreeYrRadio

Bonus: The Rapture - Crimson Red now available from Adult Swim also featuring TV on the Radio, The Raveonettes, Broken Social Scene all free and downloadable from Adult Swim

Fluid 10 Year Anniversary with Claude Von Stroke

Fluid Nightclub is turning 10 years old this Wednesday and to celebrate they are bringing in Claude Von Stroke, Dave P, Diamond Girl and NickTheV. Admission is only $5 if on the guestlist. Claude Von Stroke and his Dirtybird records have been everywhere in the past year. Claude is originally from San Francisco but toured all around the world playing at some of the biggest clubs in in the US, London and Ibiza.
Check out this video "Deep Throat" featuring German Girls, a large blue bird, a laundromat and a young kid.

Claude Von Stroke on MySpace, $5 if on the guestlist

Friday, May 18, 2007

What it Do: Your Weekend Guide

First off, I was listening to DMX earlier on Semtex Saturday Night Mixtape and I really want to hear the dog back on. If when people say to bring back NY hip hop it has to do with DMX I wholeheartedly agree. Second, I knew that the Thursday night party at Bamboo hot with Brendan and now Dan the Swede spinning, but for real this place is dope. Brendan spinning up stairs, Dan downstairs and an outside area to chill and holler at jawns and smoke and talk business and fun and whatever else you do at the club. Holla back.

  • Deck Heads = Art + Skateboards + Beer + Food 6 - 10 PM at Exit Philadelphia (440 E. Girard)
  • Leon Rainbow at Rarebreed215 (530 S. 15th Street)
  • Rob Paine, Willyum, Ben Camp and Wally C at Ulanas - house music all night long (2nd and bainbridge)
  • DJ Statik at Taurus Zodiac Party - Hip hop goodness at Medusa (21st and Chestnut)
  • Cold Retarded - AJ ready wright with shelltop hip hop and 80's jams at 700 club (700 n. 2nd)
  • Sho Nuff - Drum n bass and more at God's Basement (5151 Warren street)
I'm going to straight rip the next few things from Philebrity cause its late and you should go to these
  • 9th Street Italian Market Festival (pictured) starts today. Hope for nice weather because this festival is not to be missed. Eat your heart out, listen to music, learn to cook, and browse the local arts and crafts. OR if you’d rather be on the northside of town, head over to the Trenton Avenue Arts Fest at Trenton between Norris and Dauphin.
  • While you’re at the Italian festival stop by the opening reception for The Genesius Project tonight from 5-9 at Mew Gallery.
  • If you’re shopping, head over for some party time tunes at the Adidas store on South Street. One of our favorites, the Crimp Yr. Hair DJs will be holdin’ down sneaker style from 3 to 10.
  • Also, The Society Hill Flea Market is from 9-5 along 6th and 7th Streets between Spruce and Pine (rain date Sunday). Check out the summer schedule here.
  • Philebrity Player Alumni and super nice guys, Hail Social head it up at Johnny Brenda’s with Coyote Bones and Two If By Sea.
  • The DUPLEX with Illvibe @ The Arts Garage(1516 Parrish Street) - Every Saturday - 11 PM to 4 AM - $5
  • Greg Nyce with Tastytreats at Fluid (613 S. 4th Street)

Deck Heads

Ok, I'm working on the What It Do but you may not read those before you leave for work and then you would be missing Deck Heads. If you're into skateboarding or art or free beer and food, then you should go to Exit Philadelphia tonite from 6 - 10 at 440 E. Girard. Even the Weekly says its an A List pick:

Exit Skateshop and 37 local and international artists don’t suffer from the same lack of imagination. They’ve put together “Deck Heads,” a one-night show featuring a collection of art on boards. You’ll get to see what amazing artists like Sean “Mr. G,” Josh Hoffman and Alex Curtis came up with, and participate in a silent auction. Beyond the art, this is a great chance to check out one of the city’s coolest new spots.

Exit Philadelphia

Teki Latex - Les Matins de Paris

Not sure what Teki is saying but I heartily endorse this product or service.

Teki Latex on MySpace, Buy Teki Latex wax from Turntable Lab

Nate Day - Space People Space Disco

What up party people? Just got this new banging blog house / electro space disco mix for space people. I was going to write this long bio trying to peace together Nate Day's DJ career over the past 6 years in my head but then I noticed he wrote his own bio so I'm just going to copy and paste pieces.

I started djing about 6 years ago in my parents laundry room with no monitors just headphones. From there my friend Jay Simplefly gave me my first opportunity to play in front of a sold out Philadelphia crowd in January of 2002 after only djing for about a year, I rocked it soooo hard! A few months later I had my first residency at the greatest club on earth, the Parkway diner for the Subcode weekly.
Nate Day and friends started Rowdy at Medusa which developed into..."the most out of hand, beer flying, roof pounding, sweaty dancing, drum and bass party I have ever been a part of or been to for that matter...In late 06 I had the chance to hone my non dnb skills by playing to a very diverse crowd at the Sunday is the New Black party hosted by PaperStreet and Simplefly...Life was good but I decided I would like to really dig deep into music production and engineering and work on my tan, by moving to LA for Recording School"

So without further ado: Download Nate Day - Space People Space Disco

1. Intro- Nate Day and Jimi Hendrix
2. Loverboy - Kid Alex
3. Get Low/Club Action - Herve and Yo Majesty (Scattermish Timid Edit)
4. Yo - Bassnector (Speaker Junk Remix)
5. Golden Skans To Interzone - The Klaxons (So Me Remix)
6. Rapture - My Robot Friend (Hellraiser Freeleance Remix)
7. Turtle Trouble - Para One
8. Take Me Back To Your House - Basement Jaxx (Speaker Junk Remix)
9. Destination Overdrive (DFA Remix) - Chromeo
10.Dance Music ( Toxic Avenger Mix) - Sexual Earthquake In Kobe
11.Ross Ross Ross - Sebastian
12.Bird Flu Guns Up Bazuka- M.I.A
13.Rainbow Man (K. Christmon Mix) - Busy P
14.Death From Above (SMD Remix) - CSS
15.Tambozuda (New Rave World Mix) - Sinden and Count of Monte Cristal
16.Don't Be Shy (Speaker Junk Remix) - Spektrum
17.Trina Kills - Mr. Oizo
18. Dj's Don't Dance - Matthew Savant

Holla at Nate Day on MySpace and book him if you're in LA.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Citypaper Independent Style Fashion Show

Tonite from 7 - 9 check out Citypaper's Independent Style fashion show at the Penthouse Grill. See the latest spring fashion from local Philly designers now available at Delicious Boutique, Topstitch, Sugarcube, Conspiracy, Tony on Third, Lost + Found, Bonejour, Deborah Finn Rittenhouse and Esque Eyewear. Admission is only $10 which includes one drink, hors d'oeuvres & 20% off one dinner item. Proceeds benefit non profit Career Wardrobe.

Cerealart: McGinness and Murakami soccer balls

Cerealart makes fantastic toys, tzotchkes, and other pop multiples created by artists like Yoshitomo Nara, Dalek, and Kenny Scharf. The stuff is super-high quality and beautifully designed and packaged. In the last year, I've bought Nara's PupCup and Little Wanderer kinetic dolls and Marcel Dzama's Saddest Ghost Lamp for my son, and he absolutely loves them. Ryan McGinness's Bucky Ball (left, $150) and Takashi Murakami's Flower Ball (right, $400) look like a lot of fun too.
Cerealart is located at 149 North 3rd Street
(via BoingBoing)

Chk Chk Chk Boom Clek

I mean how are you not going to see !!! tonight Philly at the TLA?. Their name is from one of the greatest movies from the early 80’s, “The Gods Must be Crazy”, that is centered on a dude throwing a coke bottle off the edge of the world. I first found out about these dudes from that comp on Plant Records with “Me and Giuliana…” on it and it was on constant rotation and then I realized I could also go get their full album. Man I was killing it back in 2004. Since then, they've put out some pretty fun EPs and they got a new album out now, Myth Talkers, from the good people at Warp Records. Seriously Warp is killing it with this picture disc of the new track “Heart of Hearts”. Get your ass down to the TLA tonight. Looks like Martin posted the new single over at discobelle too…

Heart of Hearts [mp3] (aka dance punk funess )

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lets Listen to Brazilian Artschool Alternative Funk

Ohh Bonde Do Role!

Early in the year the boys over at Mad Decent were busy working hard with Domino Records on penning a deal for these Curitiba natives. They dropped this little promo CDR of new tracks and some exclusive remixes. I think they were selling this on tour too but when they came to play Philly it was at Upstairs at Sals and there was no room for a merch table. Actually there wasn't even a stage, they just got in the middle of the dance floor grabbed the mics and started doing there show. I think there are some pictures floating around of them dancing around with packed room full of hipsters trying to sing a long with out knowing any Portuguese. So as a super special giveaway we are going to give away one copy of the new "Solta o Frango" single on Domino Records to whomever hits me up on them emails with their favorite Bonde Do Role moment.

Well this is a remix track from that CD done by non other then the bol DJ A aka Doc Money Beats. I knew DJ A has been running the mastering game doing stuff for Bonde Dol Role, Trouble and Bass, and all your other favorite labels, but I had no idea dude was dropping remix nuggets. Check out this remix he did using BOC's "Don't Fear The Reaper". Man this totally reminds me of that movie about the two dudes who are trying to bang those chicks (no buffalo chicks) who are house sitting and the whole movie revolves around the dude having an outer body experience with the spot light from the Blue Oyster Cult show......

Fear the Reaper.....

DJ Benzi & Lil Wayne - None Higher

Ok, attempt 2. I had a post here before with the download link and all that. Blogger seems to have ate it though. So, None Higher is a special edition of the the We Got The Remix series from DJ Benzi and the Evil Empire. Last year saw the Clipse mixtape and it was pure fiyah! This year sees Weezy F. Baby, the self proclaimed greatest rapper alive. There is alot of talk about he might could be and some of his guest appearances provide solid evidence. I'm still a little mad at him for throwing Drama under the bus but this mix proves why he could be the greatest. Check the tracklist below, producers include Neptunes, Diplo, Curtis Vodka, Catchdubs, David Banner, Timbaland and more.

From Benzi:
its one big mp3 and the promo version but its very listenable..

reallllly soon the 12" will be out and features great remixes from Mr J Patt, Hipplo, & Ghis Poirer. Cop that shit as a collectors item..
Turntable Lab should be the he first to have it..

The cd will out in hard copy in a limited basis and will be available at TTLab and spots like HipHopsite and UGHH.

The tape came out super dope and everyone who contributed remixes really brought it.. so enjoy

01 Raj Smoove - "Introduction"
02 Holler (Mr JPatt Remix)
03 Dope Man [ft. Birdman] (Ghislain Poirier Remix)
04 Grey Goose [ft. Yo Gotti] (Diplo Remix)
05 Oh Yeah [ft. Chubbie Baby]
06 Bring It Back [ft. Mannie Fresh] (Les Biches Remix)
07 Heard of That [ft. Jay-Z] (Neptunes Remix)
08 Don't Trip (The Stylusts Remix)
09 Down & Out [ft. Brisco]
10 88 Shots [ft. Robin Thicke] (Nick Catchdubs Remix)
11 I Won't Budge (Mr JPatt Remix)
12 Money in My Pocket [ft. Clipse] (Benzi Refix)
13 Pro in the Game (Curtis Vodka Remix)
14 Get Ya Money [ft. Currensy] (The Amps Remix)
15 Diamonds [ft. Fabolous] (Remix)
16 Git Busy [ft. Fam-Lay] (Neptunes Remix)
17 Life [ft. Birdman] (Mighty Mi Remix)
18 South Musik (produced by Jazze Pha)
19 Imagine (produced by Trackmasters)
20 Lay My Organz Down [ft. Young Money All-Stars]
21 Laced Up [ft. Currensy]
22 Jack the Ripper (Mr JPatt Remix)
23 Maneater (Timbaland Remix)
24 Colors [ft. Sean Kingston & Kardinal Offishall] (Benzi Refix)
25 Monster (produced by David Banner)
26 Fireman So Cold (A-Trak Remix)
27 Ghetto Story (Remix)
28 What I'm Doin [ft. T-Pain & Rick Ross] (Benzi Refix)
29 Whip Game Proper [ft. Joe Budden] (Remix)
30 Sun Stuntin' [ft. Birdman] (DJ Amaze & A Remix)
31 Gone Bad [ft. Devin the Dude & Bun B] (Mr JPatt Remix)
32 Outroduction

KRS and Marley Marl breathing life!

Pure fire people!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cobra Krames & Bobby La Beat - Lations Presente

Brand new Latin House "re-mixtape" from Cobra Krames and Bobby LaBeat. I love Latin House in the spring and summer. Just sit back with a caipirinha and enjoy the musica.
If you haven't, pick up Krames remix cd Dishwasher Safe now

Krames Space, Bobby LaBeat Space

Puppies Are Biodegradable

FUEL is planning a rather bold, in-your-face like exhibition for the month of July. The exhibition is entitled "Puppies are Biodegradable" -- in few words, the mission is to raise awareness of the cruelty and harsh realities of puppy mills, specifically in Lancaster, PA. Not sure if you are aware of the fact that over 400 puppy mills exist in this small amish town. We are asking artists to submit work/s in response to this issue. $$Cash prizes are available and a portion of the artwork sales will be donated to helping the cause.

Please visit for more information and how to submit your work.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Shop Boyz - Party Like a Rock Star

I've been looking for this for a bit now. New banger out of ATL, not related to these Rockstarrs. Totally, Dude.

Shop Boyz MySpace

Friday, May 11, 2007

What It Do: Your Weekend Guide

So I just finished a little something that I'm super excited about. Baby steps, baby steps. I will be letting you all know about it real soon like. Also, Casi from Flamin Hotz Records has just joined the blog and will be posting about all sorts of blog house, blog indie and other stuff in other words mpfrees since I've been slacking lately. Also, coming up is a brand new t-shirt design, a bunch of records, mixtapes a bunch of giveaways, basically right now the sky is the limit. Stay tuned on the same bat channel.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Plastic Little in Montreal

Holla. So Kurt aka NBC just sent me this. Its the cover for the Montreal Mirror and was taken by Kelly Turso after the Plastic Little video shoot for Dopeness. Also included is an interview with Jayson aka Pack of Rats. Nothing too new except for the breakdown about getting banned from Vice. If you're in Montreal, check Plastic Little out with Thunderheist, A-Rock and Hatchmatik at Academy Club on Saturday.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mojito Now on the Moshulu

So, it's all about boat parties this summer. First up is Where is Me Booty At? on the Liberty Belle. Starting June 9th, everyone's favorite Saturday night party, including Terri Hatcher, Mojito will be held on the Moshulu. The Moshulu was built in 1904 and is "the largest four-masted sailing ship in the world still afloat." The name Moshulu was selected to honor Seneca tribe of Native Americans after being renamed by President Wilson's wife. To read the full history of this ship, click here.


First Video Episode from The Love Movement

Here is the first in a series of video updates from The Love Movement:
Guest Host Amanda introduces John Carr of Yo! What Happened to Peace? Then we talk to World Champ Karen Jones of Brasil. Followed up by a sneak peak at The Love Movement's solo show in Ocean City, NJ of all places

See a preview of their solo show in Ocean City,NJ.
More from TLM at and

Ming and FS is "Back To One?"

Back in the 1999 the club kids had come and gone, the raves were dying and much of the Electronica music sound was tired. Many were starting to feel the music might be at the end of it's line when New York City duo Ming and FS brought something fresh to the genre when they released Hell's Kitchen. That sound, Junkyard, was a blend of Hip Hop's tempo and swagger with Drum and Bass' frenetic energy. Over the course of the next five years Ming and FS continued to release albums and tour the world with an amazing live show. These two djs nimbly scratched and blended off each other to create live (re)mixes of songs; both their own and others. They could also pickup real instruments for some variations on the theme. Also the firsts to tour using purely CD-turntables...they always seemed at the forefront of innovation and progression. In 2004 they released Back To One and...well that appeared to be it. They played a few more shows over the course of the next few years but noise from the Ming and FS camp mostly went silent.
Then trolling through Myspace I heard an incredible, yet somewhat progressive sounding, pop song by Kirstin Price. Lo and behold that was co-written and produced by FS. I decided to look up Fred Sargolini (as the goverment no doubt knows him) to see the status of Ming and FS and find out about the future of music.

5151: The Ming and FS website lists a show that is coming up on a year old as the "next show" and there are few updates to the site (none leading to your solo myspace page or current projects) what's up with Ming and FS?

FS: Ming + FS is on indefinite hiatus. In 2006 I launched my own company called Patriarch Recordings. I felt a strong need to focus on Production and Composing, and as cliché as it may sound, it was just time for a change. Some of the things I'm excited about are Kirsten Price's record coming out on Sony/Columbia. I produced and co-wrote 7+ songs on her untitled debut album. She has an incredible voice and I find her style to be a mix of Janis Joplin meets Tina Turner.

5151: These last few months have seen you working with hip hop artists, a pop singer and like-minded genre blenders Diet this the Future of Fred Sargolini?

FS: This is the future of Music. I believe the kids growing up today don't see the traditional genre lines as we old timers do. Bands like Gnarles Barkley and LCD Sound System will one day be the norm. Art, music, and commerce are blending like never before. People want good music, not just good "hip hop", or just good "rock". And by people, I mean young kids, not us grumpy old farts who complain too much.

5151: What drives you to work with such different projects?

FS: I find the term "drives" very interesting. Actually, it feels a bit like that. I often feel suddenly compelled to start on a project or work with a specific artist. I don't know why. Instinct or boredom or a mixture of both.

5151: How much are you involved in the albums by Diet Kong and Kirstin Price? Are you a main songwriter across the entire albums or a guest to drop some different flavor?

FS: I usually write at least 50% of every song I produce. To me, production and writing are very intertwined. The more you understand a song, the better you can produce it, and you innately understand best what you write. I produced and co-wrote 7+ songs on Kirsten's album. As I said, she has an incredible, sultry voice and it's an honor to work with her. With Diet Kong, the album was entirely Produced and Co-written by me. So I'm heavily involved, and emotionally committed.
Above the music, I like to help artists develop in any way possible. Keith Gladzys, the lead singer/artist of Diet Kong, has been my friend for over 10 years and it was finally time for us to sit down and do a project together. His talents go way beyond singing. He is one of my
favorite, visual artists. He is a big inspiration to a lot of my own visual art. Keith was also gracious enough to let me direct a music video for the first single "Much Love In The Evil Sound". So I'm very much into the "you help me, help you, help me" type situations. Do the art properly and the commerce will follow.

5151: Will you be touring with any of these acts?

FS: Not if I can help it.......There is so much art and music that just can't be accomplished from the road. Occasionally I do miss the good drink and random socializing.......but not for thirty nights in a row. It was hard for me to feel inspired on the road.

5151: The song for CSI is dope (and probably lucrative)....can we expect to hear more FS on our TV sets?

FS: Yes - more on the TV and on the Big Screen as we type. Here are some recent placements and gigs:
  • FS Beatz (Frederick Sargolini) Feat. Northern League in the #1 movie Stomp The Yard.
  • "Magic Tree" in - CSI, and The L Word
  • Working on a new theme for an "untitled" show on the WE network.
  • MTV has used various songs, most recently - Bam's Unholy Union, Jenifer Lopez's Dance Life, Adventures In HollyHood feat. Three 6 Mafia
5151: Is there a show you would feel "blessed" do music for?

FS: Maybe Reno 911? or Aqua Teen Hunger Force? That would be very interesting and quirky.

5151: Your myspace page gives a glimpse not only of your varied musical interests but also your visual arts. Is there a style or form of art in which you feel most comfortable? A style/form you won't touch?

FS: My natural tendency is to disregard labels or forms of any kind, both in music and art. I've been a visual artist all my life but this is my fist public display of any kind. Art always played second fiddle to music. I'm sure I will soon be shoved in a box of some kind but right
now I'm enjoying creating in the void. So I don't know if I can honestly answer your question. I find way too many artists know exactly what they don't want to do. I do not create that way; I try not to have those aversions. I hope to cover as many styles and forms as time will permit.

5151: Job interview style....Where does FS see himself in 10 years?

FS: Directing, producing, composing, creating something somewhere.

5151: Thanks for the final question....can you please tell us a little about the song(s) you provided for download?

FS: Your welcome, great questions.
  • "Barbouze" is my new project that reinterprets the experimental,disco-hip hop, sound emerging from France.
  • "FS Beatz" is me creating the finest music in abstract hip hop.
You can also find more info, artwork, pics, etc. on all the projects I work on here: and here:

Friday, May 04, 2007

What it Do: First Friday

Peedi Peedi, Pablo the Badlands Bully tonite, tonite. I'm super excited. I love First Friday. The weather is killer now. I'm hyped about the boat party. I'm just excited in general. Holla at your boy when you see me out this weekend.

  • First Friday -art and stuff. Walk around, go to Lineage, talk about the post modern color and the soul of the artist as he worked through his emotions using watercolors, newspaper and flour (no this doesn't help, but its kind of how i feel right about now)
  • American Sneakers at Ruba at 10 PM
  • White Tees White Belts with Peedi Crack at the Ukie til 3:30 or so. A whole new level of awesomeness on par with Bun B at Hollerween. (847 N. Franklin Street)
  • Hipster doomsday as its the last nite of Hands & Knees. (blocs away from the Ukie just saying)
  • Fat Camp at 700 Club with Dan the Swede and Pandemonium Jones
    • drunking and dancing at 700 N. 2nd Street

Wheres Me Booty At?

So apparently there are only 35 tickets left so I would buy mine soon, like now, just click this link.

PaperStreet & Thane Wright Presents:

"WHERE'S ME BOOTY?" It's the Summer Kick-Off Boat Cruise with DJ Rich Medina; WHITE TEES, WHITE BELTS with Emynd & Bo Bliz and Madonna/Michael/Prince with DJ Dee Jay.

Saturday, Jun 02, 2007 10:00 PM EDT (9:00 PM Doors)
- Sunday, Jun 03, 2007 2:00 AM EDT
at Liberty Belle at the Navy Yard


p.s.- Pirate, wench and ninja costumes are welcome. Warning: We will be in international waters and there may be illegal betting on live monkey knife fights. Landlubbers are suckers.


Thursday, May 03, 2007


This site Ebonycuts got some nice mixes of older/rarer Funk/Soul/Disco/Etc. The one mix I downloaded was 83 minutes of pure heaven. Don't know any of the DJs...don't care either.

Pedestrian Spring Line Available Now

Spring line for Pedestrian is now available. Check out more pics on the blog or on their MySpace or in real life at 252 South Street.

First Unitarian Church on Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls has had a little thing for Philly and now they've name dropped the (First Unitarian) Church. I have no idea whats going on in the plot any more but watch it for yourself.

We are now pop culture famous !
We go better buy a Benz so people wont think less of us !

First Unitarian on Gilmore Girls

Courtesy of R5 MySpace.
Upcoming shows include a whole bunch of indie/folk/rock bands and Brother Ali tomorrow, Datarock June 1st, El-P June 12th and more

DJ Lion - Ragga / Hip Hop Jungle Mixtape

With all of this neu rave floating around, I've been missing old rave music. One of my favorite genres was jungle / drum n bass, particularly jump up, ragga and hip hop remixes. A friend of mine had a mixtape (actual cassette tape) from DJ Lion that blew my mind. It easily was our favorite mix, sadly it was so good we believe a friend homesteaded it and it was forever lost. Thankfully to the power of the Internets and MySpace I tracked down DJ Lion and he was able to digitize the mix. So I offer it up to you. Its 90 minutes long, with Side A and the first 45 minutes dedicated to all ragga and the second 45 minutes on Side B dedicated to all hip hop remixes. Sorry no tracklisting. I believe this is from mid to late 90's.
DJ Lion on MySpace