Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Internet is for Porn

Just saw Avenue Q last night and its awesome. This is one of the songs sung, but redone in World of Warcraft. Yes its old, but Avenue Q is awesome.

Previously: Avenue Q in Philly

7 Years of The Bodyrock

The 7 year anniversary is February 29th at the M Room with King Britt.

Puppies Every Where....

Apt One from the Yinz put me up on the puppy round up. Check out the blog here and the dude is trying to get ride of some of these so feel free to email the dude and get a nice new dog. They look so freakin cute if only I didn't live in small ass fourth floor penthouse apartment overlooking the best view of the city, then I would get one.

but if you got like a yard and maybe there is one tree on your block in South Philly then this would be a good look. These dogs look like they could help you pull mad ass.

Sloppy White Free Downloads

Not sure how I stumbled into Sloppy White but this dude actually got some heat on that DJ tip. I first heard the Fat Tape when I was writing reviews for Tiny Mix Tapes which was this anti pitchfork thing like three years ago and is now on some other shit. So and den right see this dude I guess is finally offering up all his mixs for free which is pretty dope since my boy Luke ganked my Fat Tape in like 2005. I got this I think right after hearing the Hip House mix tapes by the Rub which have also disappeared from my stash of Cd's.

Also the best part of his site is that he goes through every single record on his mixs and shows you the covers and shit. Really interesting since most of these are like records from the early 90's and pretty unknown to me since I was rocking the shit out of some Phish Bootleg tapes at this point in my life.

Get at Sloppy White here

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NY Times: Hip-Hop’s Newest Faces: Indie, Fierce and Female

Santi, Amanda and Rose on the set of B.O.O.T.A.Y

The NY Times profiled the new crop of female MC's this past weekend, many of which we've been covering for awhile, including Amanda Blank, Santogold, Kid Sister and Yo Majesty (playing this Friday at 4am, guestlist here).
But in the wake of the critical favorite M.I.A., a new crop of young, multicultural, female hip-hop acts is causing a stir on the Internet and in indie-label conference rooms.
There’s Kid Sister, a cheeky, charismatic rapper from Chicago who recently released a video featuring Kanye West; Amanda Blank, a nasty-mouthed M.C. from Philadelphia who is associated with the hipster male hip-hopper Spank Rock; and Santogold, a new-wavey singer and dub-style rapper from Brooklyn who toured with Bjork last fall.
Holla! This is going to be a huge year for these three girls as all three expect to release albums this year. The only qualm I have is that they say Santi is from Brooklyn. They later go on to correct themselves and say that Santi is "now living in Brooklyn" but don't mention that she is from Philly.

NYTimes: Hip-Hop's Newest Faces: Indie, Fierce and Female

B.o.B feat Amy Winehouse - Grip Your Body

New track from B.o.B. I think this is about to be his year with 2 hot features last year on Haterz Everywhere and My Girl Gotta Girlfriend.

Santigold 20 Min Mix

Just lifted this from the Mad Decent blog. Its a 20 min little mix by Santogold's Dj Martelo. Its a lot of dancey rock, Miami Bass, punk, the switch remix of the awesomely produced disco d track Shove It, some reggae jawns, and a bunch of other shit.

Pretty refreshing for a Wednesday afternoon.
Sangtogold 12" also for sale over at TTL

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday, January 28, 2008

Michelle McCoskey

Have you ever gotten bored with your H&M scarf and been like, "Damnit today I want to wear a squid as a scarf!". Well now you can thanks to Michelle McCoskey. Michelle is from Philly and one of her specialties is crocheting scarves. If you're not into squids and more into octopi or something completely different she will create a custom creature just for you. Need a suggestion? Do you like Firefox? I would totally get her to make one of these. Michelle is also quite skilled in painting and prints. This painting is totally going up on my wall.

Michelle McCoskey

Friday, January 25, 2008

Sunday: A Mummer Happening Fundraiser

January 27th 2008
Noon to 4pm
The Vaudevillains invite you to their first fund raiser of the new year. $5 provides 5 blank cards for you to print and art up for the loved/hated one in your life. Frustrated by all of this Valentine’s Day emptiness? Come break some pinata hearts too. Store 1026 and the Give-Away Shop will be open providing goods both free and affordable. Partial proceeds benefit the Folk Arts Charter School in Chinatown.
As always:
Space 1026
1026 Arch Street
2nd Floor


What It Do - Last Weekend of January


A Kiss for Mayor Nutter

DesignPhiladelphia and the Fallon And Rosof Art Blog have teamed up to remind Michael Nutter to keep his promise of reestablishing the Office of Arts and Culture.

Here's the deal. We will create a series of photo posts on the blog called A Kiss for Mayor Nutter that will include images of artists and art lovers throughout the city. These images make the face of the "arts" constituency somehow more real than it seems when people talk about artists and the arts.

So, send us jpeg images of yourselves in the city, one per artist -- at Love Park, at a gallery, at the museums, the zoo, on Broad St....somewhere in Philly--you know you have these photos and we want em! Send medium resolution images (281 height x 375 width is the artblog standard size) with your name and the location of the picture. We will run these images in a stream under the heading "A Kiss for Mayor Nutter" in a continuing series of posts starting today.

Act now and send us your images (one per person, please). Email: libbyandroberta{at} gmail.

We are acting in collaboration with Kevin Derrick, of designphiladelphia blog, who proposed an image campaign to show the how Philadelphia artists love the city and love being artists here.
A Kiss for Mayor Nutter

So Philly

A roundup of local Philly stories.

Throwback Fridays - T.R.O.Y.

Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth - T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You) Classic hip hop from early 92.

Philly Sound Clash Recomendations again

Tom posted his recommendations over here but he didn't talk about the band that totally blew people away this year. Yeah they don't have guitars so are they really a band, well I guess they have a bassist? Fuck if I care cause they got that killer xylophone on lock. Is it even really a xylophone, I can't think of the word you use for that instrument at this time. But Gang really came through in 2007 and I hear they got big things poppin for 2008.

I wanna see that Gang and Yo Majesty collabo soon aight....

Vote here for Gang in Philly Sound Clash

Thursday, January 24, 2008

how'd i miss this? P.H.I.L.L.Y.

Mason, Mental Sharp and philly....i got serious love for that mixture.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tonight: Tomorrow's Radio

Tonight, Tomorrow's Radio at the Barbary with residents Brendan Bring'em (on the beat) and Ian St. Laurent and what better special guest than Low Budget.

Even the Philadelphia Weekly thinks its an A List pick. :)

The Rub History of Hip Hop: 1992

Over at, The Rub have taken the opportunity to present a history of hip hop beginning with 1979. They've just started up again and are have just released Volume 14: 1992. DJ Eleven runs through over 50 tracks in just over 2 hours ranging from Gang Starr to Dr. Dre to Redman, Too $hort and so many more. I can't recommend enough to subscribe to this podcast if you haven't already.

Listen/Download Volume 14, (tracklist)

Subscribe to The Rub on BrooklynRadio, Download 1989 and before

Claude Von Stroke - Whos Afraid of Detroit (video)

Claude Von Stroke representing for D Town. You know, minimal can be so boring sometimes but damn if Claude doesn't seem to have a magic touch.
“Shot during last year’s Detroit Electronic Music Festival, it incorporates footage from his performance at the Beatport stage with a moody montage of Detroit scenes.. It’s a true love letter to the city”.

(via Discobelle)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival

The Greater Philadelphia Student Film Festival is accepting entries for their third annual competition. Last year they received 69 entries from 10 different area schools. This year they expect to receive over 150 entries. Entries are accepted up until Feb 1st without a fee, while entries received afterwards up until February 15th are required to submit a $10 late fee.
The festival is open to anyone currently enrolled in a 2- or 4-year post-secondary school in the Greater Philadelphia region at the time of submission. Senior Theses and related submissions will also be accepted within one year of graduation.
The awards ceremony will take place March 26th at the University of the Arts. Stop by to watch the past years winners and in the coming weeks use Connect, a forum for student filmmakers to meet and interact.

8 for '08 from the Inquirer

The Inquirer just released their Spring music announcing 8 in '08 to watch out for and it features some of our favorites on the list including the power couple above.
The YMD: set for the spring release of the hilarious Excuse Me, This Is the Yah Mos Def on Princeton's My Pal God records.
Santogold: Santogold, her self-titled debut, comes out in April.
Nouveau Riche: A new EP is due next month, and a full-length by year's end. They play Silk City, with TuPhace, on Feb. 12.
Diplo: putting the finishing touches on a Brazilian music movie called Favela on Blast that dazzles even as a work in progress. He's got a solo album coming with vocal tracks from artists as varied as Cat Power and rapper Bun B, and a reggae dancehall album with British DJ Switch. And, oh yeah, he's spinning on the MySpace tour as the opening act for Justice, at the Electric Factory March 10.
Spank Rock and Amanda Blank: both will have albums out on the Downtown label.
Philly is doing it real big in '08.


Higher Wine Prices Boost Drinking Pleasure

According to researchers at Stanford, people will trick themselves into thinking a wine tastes better if they know it cost more.
The researchers said that when 20 adult test subjects sampled the same wine at different prices, they reported experiencing pleasure at significantly greater levels when told the wine cost more. At the same time, the part of the brain responsible for pleasure showed significant activity.
This is kind of a "Duh!" study but still interesting nonetheless that it has been confirmed.


Beanie Sigel - Go Low feat Rock City

Beanie Sigel - Go Low feat Rock City. The Solution in stores now.

Bonus: Freeway speaking with Whoo Kid how they "bodied" the White T's show

Chase Those Clouds

Mr. Slow Flow does it again....

What can I say...

I like that dark shit. I've been hip to Blestenation since the late 90's when they appeared on Ming And FS' debut album Hell's Kitchen. They have been workin' on this Rock-Hop sound for a while now and I'm not gonna lie to you, they can be hit/miss; but when they hit it's often a nice hit.

The video is worth watching alone but the song is aight too; for that white boy rapper blues isht. Marilyn Manson + 1/3rd of D12 + a bottle of whiskey =

Monday, January 21, 2008


This clip of them from Australia is funny as shit. Passed out people rule.

Friday, January 18, 2008

What It Do...Part Too

I couldn't figure out how to format these exactly as D did so I didn't want to mess up his nice post. Instead, you get a special double edition of WID. Enjoy.

Zodiac At Medusa. Capricorns get in free. Reef The Lost Cauze hosting.

Tomorrow Night
Beats And Rhymes is a producer showcase hosted by The Mighty Flipside and a rotating guest; this time it's Broady Boy Ace. Producers doing live recreations and remixes...nuff said!

What It Do

Ok, so I've obviously not been online much. I've had to deal with some real life situations, naw Imtalmbout? Back to actual posting next week. This isn't an exhaustive list, just some major parties.

I'm sayin, Philly is doing it so big in '08. We Da Best! Who? We!!

Saturday I forget anything? leave em in the comments, won't be able to update in time.

Throwback Fridays - I'll be missing you

Best part of this video is that he actually crashes the bike.

I'll be missing you.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Soulja Boy on CNN

Dayum son! 17 years old and he has the most digital downloads ever. 127K downloads just last week??? Also, watching this was kind of painful, they're just so awkward.

Monday, January 14, 2008

'Roids ain't just fo' the athletes

This just in...musicians use steroids too!!! (also, I haven't found anything worth posting in a minute so i figured I'd drop this on you for a lil sumthin sumthin til i find a record that's worth talking about.)

"A number of Hip-Hop and R&B stars have reportedly been named as part of the ongoing investigation into illegal steroid distribution via the Florida-based Signature Pharmacy. The probe had previously named a number of pro athletes and wrestlers as customers, though a story in the Albany, NY Times Union mentions Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Timbaland and Wyclef Jean as well."

Here's the full article

Adam Sparkles January Mix 2008

That dude Bushy put me on to this mix by that dude Adam Sparkles. This is on some other chill out shit. Basically burn one down then turn this on while you wash the dish's and clean up your living room. Then lay down on the carpet and get ready for another stale night of tv and bullshit and think about how nice it was this weekend to walk your dog in Mt. Airy and some real trees. Yo sorry about this pic it was like the only one I could find that was not blocked by my computer at work.

spacemen 3 - ecstasy
jackie o motherfucker - valley of cookness
fleet foxes - white winter hymnal
chin chin - toot de'amore [prins thomas bonus mix]
psychic ills - untitled
black dice - endless happiness
faust - its a rainy day, sunshine girl
lovefingers - kentucky
my bloody valentine - touch
time machine
jackson jones - i feel good put your pants on [pilooski edit]
m83 - church [loop]
olivia tremor control - i have been floated
pink mountaintops - i [fuck] mountains
deerhunter - white ink
midlake - roscoe [beyond the wizards sleeve remix]
os mutantes - bat macumba [loop]
grizzly bear - lallabye
blonde redhead - u.f.o. [loop]
harmonia - ohrwurm
keith hudson - still need you dub
fujiya and miyagi - one trick pony
mmm - donna
wooden ships - we ask you to ride
icy demons - 1850
panico - gudalupe [optimo remix]

Editor: Minor updates

Friday, January 11, 2008

What It Do

What is up people? Philly stay doing it real big in 2008. We got that motivation. We on our Philly grind. I'm bout to get up out of here and get my drink and my 2 step on. All the haters better Get Down On the Ground.

  • Philadelphyinz at Medusa. Get yinz pirate on.
  • Casi G pick - :ravens:and:vultures: over at Johnny Brendas. -$8 and they are too cute West Philly Asian hippieesters that make electronic folk. I enjoy them.
  • Hip Replacement with Mike Tee, billy W and friends at the Khyber
  • Mad Pussy doing the damn thing. Get buck downstairs with DJ Sega and Dirty South Joe. Mainfloor, you know how Brendan does. He doesn't have off nights. $5 on the guestlist.

Armands is Closing For Real

Remember the last time we mentioned this? Apparently a little over a year ago. This time it is for really real. Sadly the upstairs music department is closing and the sale begins today.
Armand's Records Music Dept. which has been in business since 1980 is officially closing its 2nd Floor Dept. at 1108 Chestnut St. in Philadelphia. All Cds, Records, DVDS, Slipmats, Record Bags and all Accessories will be 25% - 75% Off.
Any DJ can tell you the loss of such a cornerstone in the market. This was the place to go for new music. Remember when the official release date was the official release date? You went to the store, saw a bunch of your DJ friends, hung out, fought for listening space and dropped your whole paycheck.

Read on for some reminiscing:

Dirty South Joe:
Hate it or love it, the Hollertronix Never Scared mixtape was a revelation to some and had an enormous influence on the global dj landscape. I remember one particular interview Mike did at the time when he attributed the eclecticism of the mix to the simple notion that walking around Armand's, that was the stuff you ran into, one genre after another. It wasn't exactly unique, plenty of stores carried a wide variety of music, but it was always up to the time, and basically a candy shop for the urban music based dj. Plus it was ENORMOUS, and the vinyl department dwarfed everything else. The first time I ever walked in there I came to the immediate and essential understanding that I had to work there. I had just moved to Philly from NY and the EVERYTHINGI'LLEVERNEEDINONERECORDSTORENESS of the place was the perfect antidote to the 17 record store rotation I was used to in my previous residence.

The roll call of Armand's employees who have made their mark on the game in recent years is formidable...Low-Bee, Cosmo Baker and Kenny Meez to name a few, the place had a way of leaving as much of its mark on you as you could possibly ever influence it yourself. That was probably because, during its heyday, it was INSANE with activity, and the place to go if you had any notion of staying one step ahead of the game. I was blessed. On my very first day, Jazzy Jeff and Ca$h Money kind of randomly bumped into each other moving through the aisles while I was within earshot putting records away. One had just gotten back from Japan and the other from Europe, and it was obvious they hadn't seen each other in a long time. What a great sign that I was in the right place at the right time! Jazzy Jeff and Ca$h Money!!!On my first day!
Cosmo Baker:
Damn, this kind of makes me teary. I think I can really say that this is the most appropriate place to say:

"The end of an era."

Rest In Peace Todd-1. If it weren't for him the store would not be what it became.

Respect to Yuri Dutton for streamlining the store in the 90s, helping solidify it's position as a place for independent vinyl

And MUCH respect for the love and guidance from Dirty South Joe who ushered the store into the next generation, and who singlehandedly kept the store alive, as well as using the store to become a champion for tons of musical talent.
Bo Bliz:
when a NEW HOT record would come out it would get a lot more rub than this huge amount of wmd's that somehow get into my hard drive. pretty crazy. more of an event.

and yeah, swinging into armands on a tuesday or before the weekend would be an amazing opportunity to talk shit bout records and really get down with folks. didn't appreciate it at the time, but damn!!!
Billy W:
When I lived in NY, we'd roll down to Philly to cop club records because at that time the Lab only had a small handful and weren't getting new ones the same way Armand's was. You'd go in there checking out five club records and leave with a grip of like 15-20 singles of all different types of sounds. That's what I look for in a record shop experience and Armand's always delivered in spades.
I will always remember these things about Armand's:

1. Dirty South Joe playing me countless new bangers.
2. Dirty South Joe convincing me to buy records that turned out to be club clunkers, but he was very persuasive.
3. Drinking behind the counter with Joe.
4. Layla and her accent.
5. Lloyd
6. Bmore Club records

Man, this sucks.
JT from
I also want to take this time to acknowledge all the hard work, support, and love the owners of this business has shown all of us. From the discounts to the secret record stashes they have always looked out for the average consumer to the superstar DJ. So if your a fellow record collector/supporter like myself I advise you get out of work early on Friday, and go down to Armands and get as much as you can.
Real talk. This is major. End of an era for sure.

Armands Records

Philly Restaurant Week Winter 2008

Holla! Its that time again to make your reservations for Winter Philly Restaurant Week. Be sure to get your reservations in soon as many of the more popular restaurants are already starting to fill up. There are over 100 restaurants participating this year with a number of highly recommended places and good deals. I just made my reservations today using Open Table. Don't forget parking is cheaper than normal and if you sign up for their email list, you could win dinner for a year. Prices this year are $35 for 3 courses and restaurant week runs January 27 - February 1st.

More Info

Cool Kids, Amanda Blank and Roxy Cottontail Urb Cover Shoot

Behind the (cold) scenes of the cover shoot for the next Urb. One miss Amanda Blank, a couple Cool Kids and the Queen of Downtown, Roxy/Oxy Cottontail.

Urb presents Motivation by Mick Boogie and Benzi

Oh hellz yeah. Benzi and Mick Boogie, easily 2 of my favorite mixtape DJ's right about now, have teamed up and put together this massive mix. This bangs harder than a conjugal visit (no Bay Area). Lots of remix favorites in here including Krames, Eli, Mick and Benzi, Skipmode, DJ Sega, Nephets (who is playing tonight at Inciting) and more. Original tracks include Kanye, Kid Sister, T2 and Heartbroken, Snoop Dogg and more all spread out over 48 tracks.
Urb and tracklisting

Gillie Da Kid - Get Down on the Ground (video)

I love this track so much. I think its mostly the hook. Gillie's flow is nice though. All around banger. DJ's please play this if you play any rap music at all. What up Germantown? I see you. So is Gillie the King of Philly? Beanie doesn't want it. Cassidy asks "How is Gillie the King when he don't even have a single out? Gillie gets a little mad and runs up in Cassidys old neighborhood. Cassidy kills it in this King of Philly freestyle though (quality could be better though).

Holla at the Ghetto Report DVD

Let Me Ride Volume 5

Let Me Ride has been moved to second Fridays, which is tonight yeah! Send a message to Let Me Ride and you could win free entry. Just tell them why you think Let Me Ride is like the most awesomest party ever.

Let Me Ride Volume 5 mixed by Art Cuebik

Let Me Ride Space

Throwback Fridays - Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Ooh baby I like it raw. Keepin it dirty down to the floor. Rest In Peace Ol Dirty aka Dirt McGirt aka the Osiris aka ODB aka Big Baby Jesus.

Rittenhouse Missed Connections

Dear Residents of 51st and Osage avenue. It was really nice to meet you guys the other day and go to Mc Glinchey's to drink Porter and talk a lot of shit. Its nice to meet new people who are not at all up on anything you do and you get to talk about all this other shit that is totally not in your world and shit like that. Thanks for the good tip for hitting on that bar tender. I think she now likes me and eventually repeated the phrase "Down To Pound", now I need the balls to go do it. I hope to see you randomly hanging out in Rittenhouse again smoking on a bench and then we can go to a new bar that I have never been to. I hope we provide enough moments for your 60 block walk home. That is some serious shit especially since we got wasted. So give me a shout on the email some time when you got something interesting poppin off in Narberth, I seriously am gonna go to Maido sometime and pop in that bookstore to surprise you.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tonight: Wu Tang at the Troc

Wu Tang! Wu Tang! Wu Tang! Wu Tang! Remember when they first came out and you would draw Wu symbols on like every piece of paper and wall possible? Then you faded off for a little while and Wu Tang Forever came out and you did it all over again. Yeah. That was awesome. Then there was Wu Wear garments and how many of you sundaes rocked the Wu cosmetics? Mmm, sundaes. French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe, Even caramel sundaes is gettin touched, And scooped in my ice cream truck, Wu tears it up. Yeah. 8 Diagrams tour tonight, pour one out for Ol Dirty. RIP Dirt McGirt. Wu Tang is for the children. This was the most awesome award show ever, watching this shit live. Don't forget to stop by Silk for Low Budget and Steve Bloodbath afterwards.

Soulja Boy ft. Arab - Yahh

I love this song so much. I was listening to it on repeat for awhile. Then I was hanging out with Casi and Seg and started screaming it at them and they were like WTF??!!?? So we had to listen to it on repeat and then dance around in pink bunny feet...

Tonight: Steve Bloodbath with Low Budget

Imagine a non sequitur segue where I instead talk about how Low Budget is playing at Mo Money Mo Problems at Silk City. Comments on this video are melting away as its still playing in the background. Also, check your MySpaze bulletins for Turbostation 2 at Trocadero. Live, with fancy footwork and live and dinosaurs!!! And Babes!


Mayor Nutter - Rapper's Delight (video)

Oh man, so incredible.


I try to stay away from excessive youtube postings since I can't watch this shit at work but I just saw this promo thing for North American South American were these dudes got all these fucking pretty cool artists together to make music. Some of the stuff sounds like its gonna be wack, like dope on paper but wack cause the executive producers are on some super West Coast Hip Hop shit. But then some of those tracks sounded really fucking incredible. Like that shit with Amanda Blank and Sizzla.

Shit could be EPIC.

N.A.S.A on myspace, I added them.

keep abreast on this shit. Over 4 1/2 years these dudes look like they have collected some serious heat.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I feel nice

When I lived in Japan I was broke as shit. So I got a job helping this English teacher transcribe interviews about using rock n roll music to teach English to Japanese kids. It sucked but if you know me I love doing shitty jobs for no money just to do a shitty job for no money. Come to think of it it wasn't that bad and I used to transcribe in his office and blast the tape that they used to teach English, it was like all Carpenters tunes, that Mariah Carey song about Christmas, and that song about the dude who cheats and now he no longer has dancing shoes.

So my boy's sister ends up going over to Thailand to teach English in this little ass village and chill out in Thailand for a year. Basically she used to run in Philly and I always wanted to holler at her but was dating this other girl at the time. She used to wear so many scarfs. Like tons and tons of scarfs and work at Urban. So hot. He was over there recently and he sent me some pictures they all looked so fucking happy. He says I no longer have a chance with his sister unless I move to Thailand. Seriously considering that.

Here is a video of her teaching English with the power of the godfather of soul. Look at how happy those kids are. Break It Down.

Seel Fresh - Drinkalot

Look I'm posting hip hop! Seel Fresh is out of Chicago and became an all city graf all star before focusing on his music. The video was directed by Nick Castle and Austin Griffith and edited by Brazilionaire, who was the editor for Chicago hip hop duo Dude N’ Nem’s hit video “Watch My Feet”. Be sure to check out the video for "Nickel Pimp" as well. Both of which are on Trife Life which you can pick up from

Download the video, Seel Fresh Space

Tomorrows Radio

Ok, I'm kind of geeking out right now but this is about to be awesome on so many levels. Brendan Bring'em and Ian St. Laurent resident DJ's at Tomorrow's Radio, monthly at the Barbary. Got this in the mail from Ian this morning
brendan and i have been wanting to do this party for awhile it is.finally. it's gonna be the best of dance classics,hip hop,soul etc.and alot of our own shit plus new tracks we want everyone to here,from local cats to foreign chaps. across the board dance crazy dance party shit. low budget is our first guest(properly). expect the best from all of us.i'm sure we'll be trying to one up eachother all night.
They picked an awesome night to start this out as well. Don't forget $1 well drinks and pbr 10 - 11 and the normal cheap ass drinks you've come to love and expect from the Barbary.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Let Me Ride

Let Me Ride has moved to second and fourth Fridays starting this Friday. Its still Joey Breakdown, Art Cuebik, Kevin Kong and Illy MC at Fluid from 10 - 2. Drinkspecials all night: $2 domestic bottles, $3 well drinks and $3 Jager shots.

Here is Volume 4 in Let Me Ride featuring Joey Breakdown. Volume 5 coming soon.


Forget spinners, thats soo 2001.


David Lynch on the iPhone

via BoingBoing

CLP feat. Kovas "Homecourt"

Berlin electro hip hop. Fun little 8 bit video.

Chris DeLuca, Chris DeLuca Vs Phono

Lets talk about the real world

Last blog entry I posted about politics got deleted on this blog cause Di1 wasn't abot supporting those anarchists who were protesting the G8 some summer ago.

Here is a nice youtube clip my mom sent me cause she was at this event where Bill "The Factor" Oreily gets all pissed for no good reason.

di1 keep "praying" and one day Ron Paul will have a chance.

hahahahaha sike

Monday, January 07, 2008

Machine Girl Trailer

Wow, this is going to be awesome. I can't wait until this comes out.


Saturday Jan 19: Akon, Freeway, Kid Sis and A Trak

Crazy, Akon, Freeway, Kid Sister and ATrak all at Solo Nightclub (eeaaarrrllllyyyy) Saturday January 19th. Get tickets for $45 here.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

T2 - Heartbroken (Ft. Jodie)

Late pass, Bassline is the new 4x4 from two step which is the old speed garage or Niche which was cool in like 2003 but fuck it. I am about this shit since it like touchs my inner lady friend and turns me into a queefy puff ball, well I guess into a bigger queef ball. I am kinda crying into my 40 right now. One of those songs that I would bug out in the club yet I can still turn it up loud azz shit in my house and cry in the shower too and still feel like a man after looking at myself in the mirror and putting on my stripper underwear.

Sadly this video does not do justice to this song. Its way too UK. If this was shot in the US it would be all about this girl who is heart broken cause her hipster boyfreind in some crazy clothes is cheating on her. Basically the video would be shots of dude driving around Philly in a white 5.0 mustang drop top (circa Vanilla Ice in Ice Ice Baby, yeah I took it there) picking up shit for his date with the other chick while the heartbroken chick follows him around on her fixie playing detetive. Maybe first picking up a bottle of wine at the Rittenhouse Wine Store, cruising over to that flower spot off Washington Square, getting a taco in South Philly, then finally ending up in Fishtown for some psuedo organic food. And den right heartbroken girl walks in on there meal, and starts a food fight, and it will be all epic and slow like the spike jones shit with food flying all slow and dude will look all salty. Then she will leave and go to Arts Garage and get on stage and flip out and do some raps making the crowd go wild with like interjecting shots of the food falling to the ground and girl ripping the stage. But then right a super sceret quick psuedo video pops off at the end where we learn that this girl is also dating another dude so like shes mad salty that she's getting cheated on but shes also a maneater. FUCKING NEXT LEVEL. Like when you saw the end of smake my bitch up, just a mind fuck.

Now We had something so true I realised
I meant nothing to you I guess you thought
I was your fool Got a confession to make...
Now I realise the truth I don't want anything to do with you
It's just the way I was attracted to you
Got a confession to make...

I'm heartbroken (without your love)
Im heartbroken (Cuz, I've had enough)
heartbroken I don't know what to say

simple as phat

Philly 2008 We Da Best

Philly We Da Best. Emynd, Bo Bliz, Dan teh Mutherfucking Swede, Beanie, Peedie, and Freeway. Arts Garage will never be the same again.

Update: Image courtesy of TonsOGuns. Photo (and more) courtesy of Ian Meyer.

Friday, January 04, 2008

What It Do - First First Friday of 08

I have to say this has been an awesome start to 2008. Mummery, DJ Sega mixtape, Flamin Hotz doing big thangs. Philly is doing it real big. Holla back!

  • First Friday - Stop by 222 Gallery for the Big Kids / Little Kids kickoff tour. Also, stop by Space1026 for Brian Wilmont, saw it last night, looks good.
  • No Let Me Ride, repeat No Let Me Ride, its now 2 and 4th Fridays
  • White T's White Belts with beards in the building. I ain't talkin about chicken and gravy mang, I'm talking Freeway!! $15, no guestlist, open bar, byob.
  • Pex vs Playloop - Techno and deep house with Lee Mayjahs at The Barbary
  • Hip Hop Lives with Philadelphia Slick and Electric City at the M Room
  • Mummer strut down 2 Street as the Mummers gather to honor the winning fancy brigade.
  • Mad Pussy - The 5151 Mixtape Series DJ Sega Rockstars vs Clubheadz official release party. Brick Bandits in the Building downstairs with Sega, Tameil, Tim Dolla and DSJ downstairs. Brendan Bring'em upstairs doin the damn thing.
  • Designer Drugs guests at Hurrah at Medusa
  • Stakeout House music upstairs at the Khyber

Vaudevillains Broadcast

Here's the performance as seen on TV of the Space 1026 Vaudevillain Mummers. We got 17th place out of 37.

Throwback Fridays - Smells Like Teen Spirit

That DJ Sega Rockstar ish reminded me of the awesomeness of this when it came out. Such a complete departure from everything before it.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Scratching and Surviving feat Freeway and Beanie Sigel

Holla! I can't wait for Freeway tomorrow at White T's White Belts.

DJ Sega - Rockstars vs Clubheadz

Oh snap, it's here! Volume 2 in the 5151 Mix Series features DJ Sega with his mixtape Rockstars vs Clubheadz. The first half of the mix is all rockstar remixes like Bodies on the Floor, Last Resort, Party Like a Rockstar and more. The second half is all that club ish, like I Get Money, Money in the Bank, Buy You a Drink and more (full tracklisting). This is some next level ish. When I finally saw the front design I bugged out. You can't see it very well in the above pic, but blue Sonic the clubhead is wearing candy bracelets and has glowsticks (Get a better view here). So ill.

Since the streets are asking, I've set a handful aside that you can buy directly from me. They just went off to the distributor so they should be in stores real soon like. If you're in Philly, stop by Pedestrian and pick one up there. Otherwise, holla at me. Each of the first sent out will be $7 with $2 shipping to US & Canada only. Email me at 5151List [at] gmail for rates to other countries. Guess you slept on this. It will be out real soon like

NOW available at the Lab and your favorite record store.

Also, this Saturday come out to Transit for the official release party at Mad Pussy with DJ Sega, and Dirty South Joe in the basement while Brendan Bring'em rocks the main floor. Holla at the list for $5 entry and free PBR from 10 - 12.

DJ's, don't feel left out, a DJ Sega / Blaqstarr EP is dropping as Hollertronix 8. Nothing but ill rock/roq star remixes. Peep the artwork / tracklist.

Shout out to Flamin Hotz for distribution, DJ Sega representing Brick Bandits and introducing Dirty South Joe and Ol' Head Records. Design by New New Crew.

Bonus: DJ Sega - Action News Theme.